Following Todd Chrisley's Guilty Verdict Over Bank Fraud, What’s Going On With Chrisley Knows Best Seasons 9 And 10?

For the past three weeks, the state of Georgia has steadily been making its case against Todd and Julie Chrisley in court. The married reality TV stars were accused of bank fraud and tax evasion, as well as wire fraud and obstruction of justice in the latter celeb's case, and on June 7, the jury found them guilty of said charges. The Chrisleys are allowed to be free on bond, subject to certain restrictions until their sentencing in October, but they do plan to appeal the ruling. In the meantime, though, the focus has now turned to what will become of the rest of Season 9 and the expected Season 10 of their USA series, Chrisley Knows Best?

USA Network’s Plan for Chrisley Knows Best Season 9

Interestingly, the trailer for the second half of the ninth season of Chrisley Knows Best dropped just days ahead of the guilty verdict. It was a bit of a curious contrast, too, with the family looking as happy as ever on the series, completely removed from the drama playing out in their real-time trial. However, with the guilty verdict now official, question marks erupted around the fate of those episodes, particularly if the USA Network would still air them as scheduled.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the network is indeed moving forward with Season 9. Its premiere episode is slated for June 23 on the 2022 TV schedule, with subsequent episodes airing every Thursday after that. Sources claim that all the Chrisley Knows Best content that was filmed for the ninth season predates the recent trial and verdict, which explains the family’s happy-go-lucky demeanors and silly escapades in the trailer. It's technically possible that the family members were also happy to hear that USA will continue airing eps, even if they weren't AS gleeful.

Chrisley Knows Best Season 10 Up In The Air?

Filming new episodes for Chrisley Knows Best, however, might not be as sure of a thing anymore. NBCUniversal technically renewed the reality show for a tenth season, as well as and greenlighting its spinoff Growing Up Chrisley for a third season, before the trial even began. But the guilty verdict supposedly complicates matters now.

Sources alleged to TMZ that production for Season 10 is on a tentative hold. Evidently, the network wants to wait until Todd and Julie Chrisley’s sentencing in October. If true, this poses several issues for Chrisley Knows Best. Namely, the couple's appeal could substantially delay the legal timeline even further. 

In addition, anything filmed surrounding the trial could feasibly be used against them in court, as has been the case for Real Housewives star Jen Shah and Erika Jayne in their own legal battles of late. And with the married couple on house confinement for the foreseeable future, it’s not like they can get up to the show’s usual storyline antics anyway.

Fallout From Todd And Julie Chrisley Bank Fraud Trial

So, obviously, between the trial's aftermath and the potential future of Chrisley Knows Best, the Chrisleys are bookended by complications. And the family will also seemingly have to deal with the fallout of various allegations leveled at them in court. 

Particularly, Todd Chrisley was accused by his former business partner (who also admitted to bank fraud at the behest of the Chrisleys) of having a love affair with the latter, which the father of five denied via his representation in court. It also reportedly came out during the trial that Todd and Julie had defrauded banks of more than $30 million in loans in order to break even on huge monthly bills for their expensive lifestyle.

If the court doesn’t rule in Todd and Julie Chrisley’s favor during the appeal process, they can face upwards of 30 years in prison for their charges. We’ll keep you updated as the situation evolves. For past seasons of Chrisley Knows Best, fans can still stream them via a Peacock Premium subscription.

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