Full House's Jodie Sweetin Reflects On What She Learned From Bob Saget About Loss And Grief

Bob Saget and Jodie Sweetin on Full House
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Late actor and comedian Bob Saget impacted more than a few people over the course of his life. While his family felt the largest sum of his love, that affection extended towards his various friends and colleagues. The cast of Full House and its Netflix sequel series were  particularly fortunate to have been in his presence for years. With this, following Saget’s death at 65, many of his co-stars like John Stamos and Candace Cameron Bure have been sharing their fondest memories of him. Jodie Sweetin has also been opening up and, most recently, she got candid about how her TV dad taught her about grief and loss. 

One would think that Jodie Sweetin learned a lot from Bob Saget when it came to acting, but it would seem that, like his fictional character Danny Tanner, he had some life lessons to dish out, too. Sweetin recently opened up to ET about what stands out for her when she thinks about her late co-star. And during the interview, she explained his views on loss and how it was his unique brand of humor that helped him to process his grief:

The thing that I keep remembering and I keep saying is that, Bob, he suffered so much loss in his life. His sisters and other siblings that passed before he was born and his parents, there was a lot of loss in Bob's life. But he walked through it with humor, and he learned that from his dad, Ben. One of the things I just remember him trying to joke and laugh and make those inappropriate jokes at some of the darker things because...otherwise how do you deal with it? How do you process it? It weighs down on you and that's something that I will always remember and that I find I do now is I deal with things through laughter or maybe I don't deal with things.

The late performer never shied away from making a dark joke or two in any of his stand-up routines. But as Jodie Sweetin explained, laughter was the best way for him to view the losses he’d experienced. While people have varied ways of dealing with death, some would probably agree that humor can be a healthy way to handle it, in certain cases. Of course, Sweetin remembers the funnyman for more than just his comedic presence, as she was also astonished by his constant kindness:

When someone passes, all the sudden you think about all the things that you've learned from them and how important they've been. And I just realized so much of his genuineness and his kindness and his ability to help others really impacted me.

Bob Saget’s compassion has definitely been a commonality within the tributes that many have paid him. His daughter, Lara, recently reflected on the “unconditional love” that her father showed her over the years while stating that the two “biggest” things she learned from him were how to “love completely and be kind.” Meanwhile, Price is Right host Drew Carey recalled an act of generosity from Saget, which unintentionally led to him missing his Tonight Show debut. Fellow comedian Steve Havey also revealed the sweet email he received from the late star shortly before his death. 

Like Jodie Sweetin though, his colleagues are also making sure that they point out the Dirty Work director’s hilariously crass comedy. John Stamos did so by delivering a heartfelt and slightly raunchy eulogy at his funeral. Ahead of the service, Sweetin even vowed to tell an inappropriate joke in his honor. I hope she was able to do so, as it certainly would’ve been the perfect way to remember the man who helped teach her how to work through pain. 

Those who would like to see Bob Saget doing what he did best can stream a number of TV shows and movies in remembrance of him.

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