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Bob Saget's Daughter Pays Tribute To Her Late Father With Sweet Childhood Photo And Post About 'Love'

Bob Saget as Danny Tanner, smiling on Full House.
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

In the aftermath of Bob Saget's death, the stories shared by his co-stars, fans, and friends have proved that his love for others had no bounds. As the world continues to mourn the Full House star, his family has been open about missing him. Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, has been public about her emotions regarding their shared memories and his final words. Now, the late star's daughter has paid tribute to him with a sweet photo about his endless love.

This marks the first time Lara Saget has publicly spoken out about her father since his passing. In doing so, she chose to open up about her relationship growing up with the Fuller House star. A big aspect of their father-daughter bond was the unconditional love they shared. The younger Saget revealed a bit about her late father as she recalled his gratefulness in an Instagram post: 

Unconditional love is the greatest of gifts. My dad loved with everything he had. He had so many reasons to be scared to love. Instead of being scared, he loved more.

Despite having more than enough love to go around, it seemed Bob Saget saved the bulk of it for his family. It sounds like the younger Saget benefited from experiencing her father’s constant adoration and presence. And based on her comments, the beauty of this relationship is not lost on her:

I am beyond grateful to receive and to give that love. Love completely and be kind. Of all the lessons he taught me, these feel the biggest.

Thankfully, she was able to cherish the time and love she shared with her pop. In some cases, having a famous parent can be challenging for a child, but it's lovely to see that the Danny Tanner actor made the most of his time with his children. If you want to see Lara Saget’s loving tribute to her late father, check out her full Instagram post below, which includes a sweet throwback photo of the two of them:

Though his family feels his loss the most, other people affected by the late comic recalled how Bob Saget shared his love with them. Former Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron was shaken, equating Saget’s death to that of late sitcom star John Ritter. The AFHV bond they shared was definitely strong and allowed them to form a long-lasting friendship. His Full House family also expressed their love for Saget, as John Stamos even delivered a heartfelt and raunchy eulogy as a tribute to his co-star's twisted brand of humor. And Candace Cameron Bure shared some loving behind-the-scenes snaps from Fuller House.

While Lara Saget is spreading love to fans and followers, let’s hope those same fans and followers can reach out and embrace Saget during this challenging time. Despite Bob Saget leaving this world unexpectedly at 65, at least the younger Saget is doing her papa proud by continuing to spread the love.

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