10 Gilmore Girls Gifts To Make Fans Feel Like They Belong In Stars Hollow

the cast of gilmore girls
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It is sometimes hard to believe that The WB/The CW classic family dramedy, Gilmore Girls, ended its initial run way back in 2007. Though, I can easily admit that, if you’re a fan like me (or count one of us among your loved ones), it’s because you’ve rewatched several of those 153 episodes with your Netflix subscription so many times that it still feels like the early to late ‘00s, despite the show recently having its 22nd anniversary (which star Melissa McCarthy was more than happy to celebrate). 

Because of my (and probably many fans’) viewing habits, we are still living that Oy, with the poodles already!, vicious trollop, Team Dean/Team Jess life (and, no I did not forget Logan). So, if you’re looking for a lovely present that will make the fan in your life gleefully yell, “In omnia paratus!” and feel like they belong in Stars Hollow, then take a look at the best Gilmore Girls gifts listed below! 

the gilmore girls ornament

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A Christmas Ornament To Remind Them Of Stars Hollow

There are many things to love about the small town that young mom Lorelai Gilmore and her teen daughter, Rory, call home. The way they took the single, pregnant teen in and embraced her and her kid is one of them, potentially being the biggest. If you’d like to make sure the fan you love can always relive their memories of Stars Hollow, then this darling Christmas ornament is sure to do the trick.

Buy the Gilmore Girls ornament at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour shop.

gilmore girls: the official cookbook

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This Cookbook So They Can Pretend To Be Sookie When They’re Tired Of Takeout

Even if you are new to the Gilmore Girls fandom and have only watched a few episodes, there’s at least one thing you know well: Lorelai and Rory do not cook. At least not when it comes to preparing anything more difficult than tossing one of their favorite meals, Pop Tarts, into the toaster. As such, they live for takeout and junk food, but if you’d like to encourage slightly healthier options, this cookbook will help fans do their best Sookie St. James impression and hit the kitchen with confidence.

Buy Gilmore Girls: The Official Cookbook on Amazon.

gilmore girls throw blanket

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This Throw Blanket To Keep Them Cozy During Gilmore Girls Marathons

As noted, we have well over 100 episodes of one of the best family dramedies of all time to enjoy, so if your loved one is sitting down for a massive marathon, they’d surely appreciate this throw blanket to keep them cozy while they watch.

Buy the Gilmore Girls throw blanket from Society6.

gilmore girls town event sweatshirt

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A Cool Sweatshirt Perfect For All Those Small Town Events

I don’t know if any real small town has as many events as Stars Hollow. From the stress-filled The Festival of Living Art to Movie Night in the Square and everything in between, fans will be able to enjoy any local events they attend by giving a generous shoutout to Gilmore Girls with this cool sweatshirt.

Buy the Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow sweatshirt on Etsy.

the gilmore girls luke's t-shirt from target

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Or A Luke’s T-Shirt So They Never Forget The Importance Of Their Favorite Diner

This show (and Lorelai and Rory, for that matter) would be nothing without town grump/big ol’ softy Luke Danes and his diner. Not only did he keep the junk food loving ladies fed, but he also provided some wonderful romantic tension with his not-so-secret affections for the older Gilmore. Fans won't forget him or Luke’s Diner with this t-shirt.

Buy the Gilmore Girls Luke’s Diner t-shirt at Target.

the gilmore girls luke's mug

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And This Luke’s Diner Mug So They Never Forget The Importance Of Coffee

Speaking of Luke’s, how did the Gilmores stay filled to the brim with hot cups o’ joe day in and day out? That’s right, the man and his diner did the job whenever they were away from home. For those whose response to the question, “You like coffee?” is “Only with my oxygen,” this mug is the perfect gift.

Buy the Gilmore Girls Luke’s Diner mug at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour shop.

gilmore girls dragonfly inn keychain

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A Dragonfly Inn Keychain If They’ve Been Dying For A Vacation

If this holiday season brings hopes that the fan in your life can take a much needed vacation in the coming months, then you can help them get their trip-planning juices flowing by presenting them with this Dragonfly Inn keychain. There’s nothing like a cozy bed in a newly renovated inn run by Lorelai and Sookie in a wacky small town!

Buy this Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Inn keychain on Etsy.

gilmore girls stickers

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This Giant Set Of Stickers So They Can Rep GG On All Their Belongings

Thinking of the person you know who loves this show more than anything, but realizing that maybe just one item isn’t quite enough for them? Well, look no further than this pack of 50 stickers they can use to represent their Gilmore Girls fandom on any number of items. 

Buy the Gilmore Girls sticker set on Amazon.

the gilmore girls hep alien tour t-shirt

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A Hep Alien Tour Shirt If You Missed The Merch Table In ‘03

I don’t care what anyone says, Rory’s bestie, Lane Kim, is one of the best rock drummers that Seventh Day Adventist churches have ever seen! Whether they missed the tour in ‘03 or remember it fondly, this shirt will allow them to relive the glory days when Lane, Zack, Brian, and Gil rocked the stage!

Buy the Gilmore Girls Hep Alien shirt on Amazon.

the gilmore girls stars hollow winter poster

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And, Of Course, This Wintry Stars Hollow Poster For When They Smell Snow

And now, for what might be the pièce de résistance of the gift options on this already impressive list, just take a look at this gorgeous poster of the Stars Hollow town center, covered in a soothing coat of pristine snow. If they live in an area where none of the cold-weather stuff has shown up just yet, taking a look at this lovely bit of artwork is enough to make them say, “I smell snow,” for sure.

Buy the Gilmore Girls Stars Hollow holiday poster from Window Shop Gal.

Though these are far from the only treats you could give to a true fan of the series, these Gilmore Girls gifts are enough to please anyone on your list this holiday season. Now if we could only get word on another revival, that would be even better!

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