Melissa McCarthy Shares Funny Gilmore Girls Set Story And More Posts As Show Celebrates 22 Years

Melissa McCarthy as Sookie waving her hands on Gilmore Girls.
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While there are lots of great new shows to watch this fall on the 2022 TV schedule, let’s be real, the best show to watch if you want to get into a fall mood is Gilmore Girls. The show graced our televisions for the first time in 2000, and it has been in lots of our lives for 22 years now. In celebration of this anniversary Melissa McCarthy, who played Sookie on the show, posted a tio of adorable and funny throwbacks. 

These days, McCarthy is probably best known for her roles in blockbuster comedies like Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy. But, the actress started out on network TV. She won an Emmy for her role on Mike and Molly and played the chaotic, silly, and sweet chef Sookie St. James on Gilmore Girls. Even though the actress did not appear in the Gilmore Girls reunion back in 2016, she clearly has fond memories from the show, like this one from her sweet post: 

What a cute photo to bring in the Gilmore Girls season (also known as fall). Every year various cast members post about the show to welcome fall. Last year Jared Padalecki, who played Dean, posted a goofy statement apologizing for his face and saying he was happy he “grew into” it. However, I think he was and still is such a cutie. A year earlier, Lauren Graham posted a sweet message for the show’s 20th anniversary. It’s always fun to see the stars post about the show every year, and McCarthy did not disappoint this year. 

Speaking of Lauren Graham, who played the fast-talking, coffee-drinking Lorelai Gilmore, one of McCarthy’s other posts gave her co-star a lovely shoutout. 

When I was in high school Gilmore Girls was my comfort show, so seeing these throwbacks warms my heart. It’s also fun to see McCarthy, who is currently a queen of comedy, in my opinion, shout out her co-star who was with her at the beginning. And she’s right, it’s super impressive that Graham was able to memorize that crazy fast dialogue that Lorelai had to spit out for seven seasons. 

McCarthy also gave a shout-out to Yanic Truesdale who played Michel Gerard on the show. He’s a French actor who played a French man working at the same hotel as Sookie and Lorelai. She noted in her caption that someone said Truesdale’s French accent was terrible, but he had been speaking the language for his entire life. She posted this funny little story with a cute photo, check it out: 

Along with McCarthy and Graham, another high-profile Gilmore Girls alum has also spoken about his love for the show. Milo Ventimiglia, who played Jess and recently ended a run on the hit show This is Us, has said he would happily return if there was a reunion. Based on these photos, it looks like McCarthy would be down to return too.

It’s lovely seeing the cast post BTS photos every fall. Not only does it put you in a fall mood, it also shows how much the stars still love Gilmore Girls

To get in the autumn mood you can watch McCarthy and the rest of the lovely Gilmore Girls cast with a Netflix subscription

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