Hallmark Star Brennan Elliott Opens Up About Wife's Cancer Journey And The Support Of Fans

Brennan Elliott in Hallmark's Crossword Puzzles Mystery Abracadavar.
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Hallmark star Brennan Elliott, most known for dramas like Cedar Cove and starring in the usually cleverly-titled Crossword Mysteries opposite Lacey Chabert, has been dealing with a cancer diagnosis at home. His wife, Cami, was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic gastric cancer. It was Elliott who previously broke the news, and more recently the Hallmark star opened up about what it was like to open the door and let fans know about the private struggle he and his wife had been facing at home. 

Brennan Elliott had previously announced his wife’s cancer diagnosis in an Instagram post in April, calling her “fearless” even when “faced with an opponent that never plays fair.” 

In the post at the time, Elliott wrote that he generally prefers to keep his work life and private life separate, but that he and his wife ultimately decided to share the news with his fanbase. A lot of people are affected by cancer in one way or another, and they thought being open and honest might help someone out there who was struggling or knew someone who was struggling in kind. Months later, the star attended Christmas Con with a slew of other Hallmark stars and spoke to People about how his wife is doing, as well as how the post really blew up and led to a moment where a slew of people were all supporting Cami at once. 

We posted something and I didn't want to post anything and bring it back to me, so I posted something on my social media that was all about her because I wanted it to be about her. We had like over a million people praying for her in like two days. It was just bananas. It's a testament to the fans, the people that watch this channel and the people that are in the cancer community.

The actor also told the outlet that Cami Elliott is still battling cancer. While things have seemingly been going well and "there's no evidence of disease," he doesn’t paint a positive picture about everything he and his wife have had to go through, calling cancer “an absolute nightmare.” But the two have gotten through it together and Brennan Elliott opened up about it being "OK to not be fine" as well as sharing specifics about her chemo treatment.

She's hanging in there. She finished her last eighth round of chemo. Well, she's done 16 over the last two or three years. Yeah, she's a warrior.

Cami has had several bouts of cancer in the past and it also sounds like this chemo journey has been a long and tough one. It's honest of the couple to be open with the actor's fans about what's been going on at home and a good reminder that people often have struggles behind closed doors that others may know nothing about. For example, Elliott's been working through this whole ordeal, and even has a new Crossword Mystery coming out as part of the Hallmark schedule in August after Elliott signed a new overall deal earlier this year. (This is particularly good news given Hallmark's cancellation of other mystery franchises recently.) 

If he hadn't been open about this other journey he and his wife were on, no one may have known. Yet, when you are comfortable sharing a tough journey, love and support and patience can sometimes be an end result, and we've seen that happen with other celebrities who have shared their cancer journeys like Jeff Bridges, as well. Our thoughts go out to Elliott and his wife as the continue to keep putting their best feet forward every day. 

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