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Hallmark Star Lacey Chabert's Shares Recent Target Run, And It's So Relatable

If there’s one thing that Target is very good at, it’s getting shoppers to purchase things they had never ever planned to before they entered the story, from comfy sweaters to cute rugs and throws and even plenty of storage in between, if you are the type of person who has gotten out of Target alive and with a healthy amount of cash in your wallet, I salute you. Even celebrities are not immune to Target’s persuasion, as Hallmark star Lacey Chabert just had a huge haul after intending to only get an item or too. It’s certainly the most relatable moment I’ve seen from a celebrity this week. 

Most of the time when we see celebrities living their lives on social, it’s because they are doing grandiose things like taking big trips to unique destinations or attending big events that are just outside the realm of normal for most of us. Lacey Chabert is a mom of one and a woman who is a whole lot more low-key when it comes to her public persona, and she tends to be candid too, even when she's talking about tough topics, like the recent death of her sister

This week, was a bit more of a normal one for the star. She headed to Target – a totally normal activity for many of us – and ended up getting more than she bargained for – also a normal activity for many of us. Take a look. 

Lacey Chabert goes to Target too.

(Image credit: Lacey Chabert, Instagram Story)

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Lacey Chabert shared that she had intended to make a trip to the big box store to just pick up “one thing.” Obviously, that didn’t work out for The Wedding Veil star. Instead, she ended up with a whole cart worth of goods. As, I said, I 100% see how this happened. 

Every now and again we’ll see a more down-to-earth celebrity doing something normal at Target. Jessica Alba once shared a post about breastfeeding while in the store, for example. But it’s rare to see celebrities doing totally normal things on the Internet, which is probably one of the reasons why Lacey Chabert is such a fun follow. 

In fact, the TV star is often up to regular activities a lot of moms can related to. Sure, she promotes her Hallmark holiday movies on her social, but she also does Elf on the Shelf at Christmas. The point is, she comes off like a regular person with a pretty fun and cool job. 

Speaking of her job, right now Lacey Chabert is busy promoting a trilogy of movies she filmed for Hallmark alongside other staples Autumn Reeser and Alison Sweeney. There are still two movies left to air in the trilogy, so there's going to be plenty more from Chabert on your TV screens soon. Though to note Chabert had the love story and (even worked in a personal family memory) in the first movie, so the other leading ladies will get their day in the sun in the other two. The next flick in the trilogy, The Wedding Unveiled, is set to hit Hallmark on February 12, giving Chabert plenty of time to make some more Target runs in the meantime. 

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