How Dog The Bounty Hunter Thinks Beth Chapman Would Have Reacted To Him Being On The Masked Singer

Season 7 of The Masked Singer is winding down, with a new winner to be crowned in just a few weeks’ time. So far, the celebs who have been unmasked and sent packing include Hurley from Lost (a.k.a. actor Jorge Garcia), Christie Brinkley, magic duo Penn & Teller, and none other than Duane Chapman, better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter. The notorious bounty hunter shared how he thinks Beth Chapman, his wife who died in 2019 from throat cancer, would have reacted to his unsuccessful stint on the singing competition series.

Fans know from previous years of watching her on television – in the likes of A&E’s Dog the Bounty Hunter and CMT’s Dog & Beth: On the Hunt – that Beth Chapman was a no-nonsense kind of woman. She wasn’t in the slightest bit afraid to give her opinion, whether that be to hardened criminals on the run or to her husband of 13 years. Speaking to Page Six, Dog reflected that the mother of two of his children would’ve been in his corner yet again for The Masked Singer, even with his slight tumble. He said,

Oh, she would have loved it. I don’t know when I fell down what she [would have] said.

Duane Chapman is convinced that his late wife would have "loved" his performances on The Masked Singer, although couldn't say what her reaction would have been when he fell in his massive armadillo costume. The eliminated Masked Singer star has admitted that the costume itself was “200 pounds” and he didn’t even realize until it was too late that he was “going down.” He added,

Those two thoughts, fail or sink or swim, hit my mind, right? I feel that angels picked me up [because you] couldn’t pick this thing up.

Dog's thoughts on his costume shed some light on what viewers couldn't experience for themselves when watching from home. His mention of "angels" fits with some of his other comments as well. He said in loving tribute on what would have been Beth’s 54th birthday that he thinks his late wife in fact watches over their family from above. 

Regrettably, since Beth Chapman’s death, her loved ones have had some difficult times. Her daughter Cecily (from a previous relationship) claimed last August that there was a rift with her stepfather over his decision to remarry so soon to Francie Frane. He also came under a lot of scrutiny when he volunteered to help track down the missing boyfriend in the Gabby Petitio case last year.

The thought then of falling in front of a live audience on The Masked Singer doesn’t sound quite so bad in the face of those other kind of high-stakes problems. Tune into new episodes of the top-secret competition airing on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, as part of the 2022 TV schedule, to see who eventually takes home the Golden Mask. 

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