How FBI, Most Wanted, And International Will Return To CBS After The Break

FBI: Most Wanted's Remy, FBI's Maggie, and FBI: International's Jamie
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The three FBI shows have kept the crime-fighting action going strong on Tuesday nights for CBS this fall, but fans are in for a bit of a break. FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International not only won't be airing on October 25, but for some weeks that follow. There are some silver linings to the upcoming Tuesdays without the agents chasing the worst of the worst criminals, however, in light of what viewers have to look forward to when the shows are finally back. 

And that includes Missy Peregrym's long-awaited return to the original series! Plus, CBS has already released some details about what to expect on International and Most Wanted as well, so read on for when the shows will be back and what those episodes will involve!

John Boyd as Scola in FBI

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FBI - "Double Bind"

FBI fans are in for a treat, as the show is coming back earlier than the two spinoffs with an episode on a special night. "Double Bind" will release with a one-time Sunday airing on November 6 at 8:30 p.m. ET on CBS, following 60 Minutes. This will truly be a bonus rather than making up for a skipped week, as the crime drama recently aired the long-delayed Season 4 finale as part of Season 5. In the November 6 episode that brings FBI back from its break, the focus will evidently shift over to Scola and Nina, as the episode description from CBS previews:

As the team works to rescue a 5-year-old kidnapping victim, Scola suspects the boy’s mother isn’t being forthcoming about why her son was targeted. Also, Nina struggles to open up to Scola about matters in their relationship.

The most recent episode was an interesting one for Scola and his partnership with Tiff, but the focus also including Nina in "Double Bind" isn't surprising. Based on earlier comments from actress Shantel VanSanten and Maggie's upcoming return, this may be Nina's final episode of FBI for the foreseeable future.

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FBI - "Ready Or Not"

FBI may return to CBS on November 6, but it returns to its normal Tuesday night time slot on November 15, with an episode that longtime fans won't want to miss. After weeks of star Zeeko Zaki hyping how OA would be different if Maggie was still around and why fans should be excited about Missy Peregrym coming back, "Ready or Not" will see her back in action for the first time since her exposure to sarin gas, and that ordeal could still be affecting her: 

Maggie returns from medical leave in time to help the team investigate two homicides: a law student on track to attend the FBI Academy and a young man with possible gang ties. Also, an inadvertent revelation from Maggie causes OA to worry that she is rushing back into the job too quickly.

Only time will tell if Maggie is still feeling the physical effects of the sarin gas exposure that left her out of commission for months, but OA will evidently have some concerns! However her return goes, fans will see her back on Tuesday, November 15 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. 

Dylan McDermott as Remy Scott in FBI: Most Wanted

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FBI: Most Wanted - "Patent Pending"

On the heels of Hana's horrifying ordeal after being kidnapped (and then paying a sweet tribute to Jess while consoling a young girl), the FBI: Most Wanted team will dig into what sounds like another bloody case. This time around, however, their investigation will take them in some quite literally psychedelic directions. The episode description reads: 

After a tech entrepreneur is abducted from a rave in Brooklyn and found bludgeoned to death at his estate in Connecticut, Remy and the team must dive into the world of psychedelics to find his killer.

For the agents' sake, we can only hope that diving into the world of psychedelics doesn't mean having to take any! You can find out with the "Patent Pending" episode of FBI: Most Wanted on Tuesday, November 15 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. 

Vinessa Vidotto as Vo in FBI: International

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FBI: International - "Call It Anarchy"

Vo will get the spotlight on FBI: International when CBS' newest FBI show returns. Vo went through her share of intensity last season, and "Call It Anarchy" will see the agent being recruited for help by an old friend, which – knowing International – could get complicated. CBS previewed:

Vo’s friend from the U.S. Navy calls in a favor to help find her missing nephew in Crete. Meanwhile, Forrester hangs back in Budapest to take care of personal business.

While Vo and presumably most of the rest of the team heads to Crete, Forrester will hang back in Budapest. The episode description doesn't reveal what his "personal business" is, but his suspicions about the home life of Tank's dog walker have been growing for weeks. Could his concern be what keeps him in Budapest? Find out when the "Call It Anarchy" episode airs on Tuesday, November 15 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

The only bad news about these episodes is that they won't air on CBS for another few weeks, although the break means that fans of the FBIs can catch up on anything they might have missed (or just are in the mood to revisit) streaming with a Paramount+ subscription. You can also find some more viewing options on our 2022 TV premiere schedule.

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