How Law And Order Gave An Assist To Real-Life First Responders In Season 22

Cosgrove and Shaw on Law and Order
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Spoilers ahead for Episode 6 of Law & Order Season 22, called “Vicious Cycle.”

Law & Order kept most of the biggest twists of “Vicious Cycle” on the “law” half of the series. Maroun found herself subpoenaed to testify on the wrong side of a case against a suspect with a very, very, very long rap sheet. There were some complications in tracking down the suspect on the streets in the first place, and as it turns out, there was an issue during production of this episode that resulted in members of the Law & Order team assisting first responders in a real-life emergency. 

Although there was no sign of complications in the finished product of “Vicious Cycle” that aired on NBC, the Wolf Entertainment Twitter account revealed what happened when the camera wasn’t rolling: 

While shooting this episode of [Law & Order], an apartment fire broke out nearby, and our crew was able to assist the FDNY in clearing the street and allowing them to do their work! Thank you to our first responders for keeping everyone safe.

The New York City Fire Department was on the scene close to where Law & Order was filming, and the crew evidently helped out in their own way. The story isn’t quite as crazy as when Chicago P.D.’s Jesse Lee Soffer and Chicago Med’s Nick Gehlfuss decided to perform a rescue worthy of their One Chicago characters, but it does prove that plenty of people in the nine-show Dick Wolf TV universe will pitch in for real-life crises. 

Luckily, it sounds like the fire didn’t get too out of hand, and the tweet went out of the way to thank the FDNY first responders for their work. Unlike the crew who works on Chicago Fire, the L&O crew presumably isn’t nearly as familiar with the work of firefighters (even fictional ones), so this was undoubtedly a very different day on the job than any of them expected!

“Vicious Cycle” was an exciting episode in front of the camera as well, even without any situations like what the crew and FDNY were dealing with. Due to a mistake that she made while struggling under a heavy workload nearly a year ago, Maroun was called upon to testify for the defense. 

Price was able to close the case and do what he could to reassure her that everybody makes mistakes when they have as many cases to work as she did, but she couldn’t forget that a man was dead because she didn’t follow up on a robbery when she should have. 

While it wasn’t exactly a celebratory episode even with the bad guy being convicted, it was nice to see Maroun getting the spotlight for an episode. Most of Season 22 so far has dedicated episodes to other characters, on top of introducing Mehcad Brooks as Detective Jalen Shaw. Maroun didn’t have a good time in this episode, but I enjoyed seeing her get more screentime.

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