How Pete Davidson Allegedly Feels About Kanye West’s Controversial Comments And Loss Of Business Partnerships

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Kanye West still finds himself at the center of the news cycle after making controversial statements, which included anti-Semitic rhetoric. The rapper has since lost a number of lucrative business partnerships from several high-profile companies. Celebrities like Howard Stern have also condemned the comments that he’s made. West’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, has spoken out against him as well, but how does Kardashian’s ex, Pete Davidson feel about the situation? Well, a new report claims to know what the comedian’s mindset is during this time. 

Earlier this year, Pete Davidson found himself engaged in a (mostly one-sided) social media feud with Kanye West, who took issue with the actor and comic being with Kim Kardashian. West declared “civil war” on Davidson and even violently lampooned him in a music video. The fashion mogul eventually seemed to end the feud, but he returned to social media to roast Davidson after he and Kardashian broke up in August. With all of that, a source for Hollywood Life now alleges that the Saturday Night Live alum thinks that West’s recent setbacks are the result of “karma.” Davidson is also reportedly “much happier” following the viral feud and glad that the singer is no longer taking shots at him:

He was struggling, dealing with Kanye, everyone in his life’s relieved that he’s no longer at the mercy of Kanye’s moods and the hope is that he’ll never face anything like that again. It’s still upsetting for him, he cares about Kim and he understands what she’s dealing with, it’s awful.

Another source for the news outlet claims that the King of Staten Island star also “never thought that Kanye would go after so many people in the same brutal way that he came for him.” Still, he purportedly feels empathy for the “Heartless” singer, given his own history with mental health struggles. Nevertheless, the actor is said to be mostly focused on Kim Kardashian’s well being right now:

Pete is only concerned with how Kim is doing because, although they are no longer together, Pete knows what Kanye is capable of and how much it affects Kim and the kids. He just feels bad for everyone involved.

This tracks with a prior report regarding Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s alleged interactions amid Ye’s situation. It was said that Davidson had supported Kardashian and frequently texted her following the rapper’s “White Lives Matter” shirt controversy. So ultimately, more evidence is mounting and seems to add credibility to the notion that Davidson is providing his former partner with a listening ear.

Meanwhile, Kanye West has been dropped by Adidas, CAA, Balenciaga and more over the past week or so. He specifically saw a significant drop in his net worth due to the dissolution of his deal with the German sportswear company. West recently returned to Instagram and in a post, claimed that he lost a total of two billion dollars in a single day. He’s also addressed his controversial remarks and asserted that the backlash is only proving his point. In his estimation, society aims to “mute” those whose views don’t line up with the majority.

It goes without saying that Ye is preoccupied with his ongoing issues, which includes a lawsuit that may include Candace Owens. So chances are he’s not too focused on Pete Davidson at this point. Though given the star’s unpredictability, there’s always the chance that he once again finds fault with the comedian at some point.

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