Kanye West Returned To Instagram To Roast Pete Davidson Over Kim Kardashian Break-Up

Kanye West took a step back from social media after some of his attacks on Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend Pete Davidson went mega-viral, but with that relationship now over, the rapper returned to Instagram to, of course, dance on the grave of his rival. Without any context or explanation, West posted a screenshot of a New York Times frontpage with the headline “Skete Davidson Dead At Age 28.” The Photoshopped image also took a much subtler shot at Kid Cudi.

The post went over super well with fans. It generated more than a million likes in the first hour and is still chugging along at a mega-viral pace. Check out an embed of the Instagram post below…

Fake NYT newspaper with headline photoshopped to say Skete Davidson Dead At Age 28.

(Image credit: Kanye West/ Instagram)

It's no secret Kanye West and Pete Davidson have had more than their share of problems after the now former SNL star started dating Kim Kardashian after her break-up. The rapper released a diss track, published private text messages between the two and even dropped a Photoshopped Marvel image declaring Civil War on his estranged wife, Davidson and other people he wasn't happy with including Kid Cudi.

Kid Cudi obviously took some heat in this new post as well. If you look very closely at the bottom of the paper, the fine print says "Kid Cudi meant to play funeral but fearful of bottle throwers." The two have been feuding for awhile over Cudi's continued friendship with Pete Davidson. West reportedly had him removed from a track they were working on together and included him in the aforementioned Civil War poster. The feud has been so public that many fans have even chosen sides, which resulted in Kid Cudi having bottles thrown at him at Rolling Loud Miami.

It's unclear what ex Kim Kardashian thinks of West's return to Instagram, but she reportedly wasn't pleased with his original posts on social media and found them exhausting. Obviously the above post is going to generate more than its share of headlines, but with their divorce continuing to drag on, I'm not sure this would even qualify as a key issue.

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