How Pete Davidson Has Allegedly Shown Support For Kim Kardashian Amidst Kanye West’s ‘White Lives Matter’ Controversy

Pete Davidson Netflix special and Kim Kardashian on The Kardashians.
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While Kim Kardashian’s ongoing divorce from Kanye West has been filled with contention — including arguments over finances and shared custody, not to mention the rapper going through six divorce attorneys — the reality star’s breakup from Pete Davidson seems to have fallen on the other side of the spectrum. She was quick to come to the Meet Cute actor’s defense back in August, when Ye returned to Instagram to roast the former Saturday Night Live comedian over the split, and now it looks like he’s returning the favor by supporting his ex-girlfriend amid her estranged husband’s latest actions.

Kanye West has been making controversial headlines over the past few weeks for his social media rants about her and her family, his business partnerships and more, but the situation really came to a head at Paris Fashion Week, when the pop culture icon wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt to his fashion show. A source for HollywoodLife reported that Pete Davidson has been among those checking in on Kanye’s ex amid the backlash, saying:

A lot of people have been reaching out to offer Kim support, including Pete [Davidson]. He’s in the middle of shooting another movie but he’s been in touch. He’s such a sweet guy and Kim’s grateful they can still be friends.

It sounds like Pete Davidson is still in the good graces of The Kardashians star, and that likely goes for her whole family. Matriarch Kris Jenner sure had some complimentary words for the Meet Cute actor, after Kim Kardashian shared a sexy story about her then-boyfriend on the October 13 episode of their Hulu reality show. Apparently the former couple has been in contact several times since their breakup in early August, with the source saying: 

Pete and Kim still talk on occasion and several weeks after the break up, they had gotten to a place of being cordial with each other. Pete has texted Kim a few times about the whole Kanye situation because he still cares about her as a person and wanted to check in to see how she was doing.

I love that these two still obviously care for each other, which feeds into the claim that chemistry was never the issue that led to the parting. Davidson was reportedly “torn up” after they split but eventually came to realize that they were in two different places in their lives. While it had seemed like the couple was getting stronger — with Davidson starting to talk about his dream of having children — sources indicated Kim Kardashian was not on the same page, with four kiddos of her own and a busy career. 

While both Pete Davidson and Kanye West’s names have come up in the second season of The Kardashians, neither of Kim Kardashian’s former love interests has yet made an appearance. Ye was featured sporadically throughout the first season, while the comedian made a voice-only cameo in a post-credit scene of the Season 1 finale. 

Tune in to see if either (or both) will show up, with new episodes available every Thursday for fans with a Hulu subscription

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