Kanye West Declared ‘Civil War’ On Pete Davidson With Bizarre Marvel Post, Then Deleted It

What was once perceived as a pretty smooth-sailing divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has since been tossed out the window. Lately, the two have been locked in a very public back-and-forth about everything from legal paperwork to co-parenting matters, largely at the behest of the infamous rapper. He also instigated beef with Kardashian’s new boyfriend, Pete Davidson, using a diss track threatening to beat his ass (literally). Now, things have gotten so far out of hand that West recently declared “Civil War” on the SNL alum with a bizarre Marvel post – then promptly deleted it.

In the Instagram post, Kanye West invoked Marvel’s original poster for Captain America: Civil War. But instead of Steve Rodgers and Tony Stark at odds, the 44-year-old hilariously photoshopped his and Pete Davidson’s heads into their places, with other celebs flanking their respective opposing “armies,” so to speak. However, like many posts of Ye’s of late, it was deleted not long after. We still got the receipts, though, before Thanos Ye could officially snap it into oblivion. See here:

screenshot post

(Image credit: Kanye West Instagram)

After Kim Kardashian’s own photoshop fail of late, Kanye West should know by now that the Internet is still forever. I guess the war was over before it ever really started? Nevertheless, the amount of effort and sheer time it must’ve taken to scrouge up the cheap Marvel riff will surely be amusing to Pete Davidson, if no one else. The comedian reportedly finds the entire hoopla over his new relationship amusing, though that doesn’t mean it hasn’t also caused security problems for him.

If you’re wondering why so many celebs are being rooked into the “civil war,” it’s because there’s more than one Ye enemy apparently in his midst. His side is full of supporters: Julia Fox, Future, Travis Scott and even his former nemesis Drake who he made up with last year. Yet, on side of The King of Staten Island star and Ye’s ex-wife is Kid Cudi, Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift. Kanye West recently threatened, in another bizarre move, to pull out of Coachella if Eilish didn’t atone for comments about crowd safety that he took as a dig at Scott. Kid Cudi is involved because he’s still friends with Davidson – and Swift, well, that’s an old chestnut for the rapper, to be sure.

Sometimes it’s hard to know if Kanye West is really this serious about perceived slights against him or if it’s all just gimmicks for publicity. Curiously enough, his 3-part documentary Jeen-Yuhs (of which he made complaints about not getting final edit for) is soon to premiere on Netflix on February 16. I’m just surprised that the streaming platform’s logo didn’t make it onto the new Civil War poster…

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