Is WWE's Alexa Bliss Gearing Fans Up For Her Return With Lilly?

Alexa Bliss looking sad
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WWE superstar Alexa Bliss is currently away from the company, but unlike many WWE wrestlers in 2021, she will definitely be back at some point with her job intact. While we don’t know how or when Bliss will return to the main roster, it’s looking like the superstar has left some clues about what the plans are based on some of her recent social media posts. 

Alexa Bliss reportedly took time away from the WWE due to a sinus surgery, which would tie into why she lost her title match against the increasingly polarizing Charlotte Flair. Recovery time for such a procedure can take several weeks, and it's possible that waiting longer is best for someone in such a physically demanding job. Since Bliss last wrestled in late September, it’s looking more and more likely she will be back before the end of 2021. In fact, one could foresee her big return happening ahead of the Christmas shopping season, especially after Bliss shared an Instagram post advertising a holiday-themed variant of her creepy doll Lilly that's now available for purchase on the WWE Shop.

Even Lilly is getting ready for cheerier holidays after making such a splash during Halloween, which I think could tell us a lot about what’s going on with Alexa Bliss. To start, one has to believe that Bliss is on a timetable to appear back on WWE television to help promote the Holiday Lilly merch for gift-giving fans. Now is the perfect time to go hard on holiday shopping, and while the wrestling org could (and probably will) promo Lilly's merriment in a similar static fashion during Raw and SmackDown, the visual doesn’t hit quite as well without the eye-grabbing superstar responsible for the doll also on screen.

Alexa Bliss’ prolonged time off television, as well as the athlete's own social media posts, led to speculation that the WWE could be repackaging her character and possibly abandoning her gimmick as the Harley Quinn-esque supernatural wrestler. If the WWE is still planning on selling multiple versions of Lilly (which apparently sell well), I wouldn’t think those theories hold much (holy) water anymore. It doesn’t seem like Bliss is hinting at her character going in other narrative directions either, as her recent posts showcase the fan-favorite persona she was rocking just before she left. 

Instagram posts aren’t exactly definitive proof of anything, of course, especially when it comes to the WWE. At the same time, I'm not seeing anything here that indicates Alexa Bliss will change her character’s persona when she returns, or that the WWE is unhappy with her gimmick. And given how heavily geared to wrestling her social media posts have been very recently, it's logical to think she'll be back on our TVs very soon.

Some of the fan chatter regarding Bliss' potential persona troubles with the WWE stem from the fact the gimmick is tied to former WWE superstar Bray Wyatt. Bliss betrayed Wyatt at WrestleMania 37, which seemingly set up a feud for the two whenever Wyatt returned from the loss. As WWE fans know, Wyatt never returned, which seemingly left Bliss’ story in limbo. Now, it seems like the WWE is fine letting Bliss and Lilly remain a team regardless of any severed ties with Wyatt. Fans will undoubtedly have their thoughts about that, but as long as it’s something Bliss wants to do, I’m not sure it’s a problem. 

Alexa Bliss is still currently off WWE television, obviously, but perhaps there’s a chance she’ll return in time for the Survivor Series pay-per-view set to air live on Peacock Sunday, November 21st. We’ll likely know more as the date draws closer, as matches are still being set for one of the brand’s biggest events of the year.

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