Wait, Is WWE's Alexa Bliss Going After The Raw Women's Tag-Team Titles?

Alexa Bliss looking creepy Monday Night Raw USA

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the episode of Monday Night Raw, which aired Monday, May 17. Read at your own risk!

Alexa Bliss teased a couple of weeks ago that her doll Lily would soon be unleashed on the WWE women's roster, which made it seem like Monday Night Raw was preparing for Bliss to make a run at a women's title. Of course, many assumed it would be the Raw Women's Championship, but is there a chance she's actually going for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship instead?

That's certainly a question fans should be asking after the latest Monday Night Raw, which saw the Women's Tag Team Championship up for grabs in a match between champions Natalya and Tamina and challengers Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Alexa, who interviewed the champs earlier in the night, also was there but observed the match from outside the ring.

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler put up a good fight, but ultimately the two fell to the champs when a burst of flame shot up from one of the ring posts and seemingly blinded the duo's manager Reginald. Baszler was stunned by the event, and Natalya seized the opportunity and scored the pinfall before the challenger knew what hit her. Alexa Bliss's laughter could be heard over the loudspeakers in the arena not long after, which removed any doubt that she and Lily had a role in the interruption.

Sure, the interference ultimately helped Natalya and Tamina retain the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship, but why did the creepy Alexa Bliss needlessly inject herself into this match? As mentioned earlier, it seemed she'd have her eyes set on the Raw Women's Championship. None of these women are in contention for that title, but two of them do hold the tag titles. I believe it's possible Alexa interfered so that she could get a chance at the title at an upcoming pay-per-view.

It sounds ludicrous, especially when one considers that Alexa burned the bridge with her only real ally, Bray Wyatt, back at WrestleMania 37. It's unfathomable that any wrestler in the WWE would want to tag-team with her, let alone share the titles with her creepy self. That is, of course, unless her tag partner has been hiding in plain sight this entire time.

Yes, I'm suggesting that Alexa Bliss is about to tag-team with her demented doll Lily. Lily wouldn't be much of a physical presence in the ring, but her overall creep factor is a major plus. I should also note that I'm not entirely sure whether or not Lily or Alexa was responsible for that spontaneous pillar of fire, but if it was Lily, more of those shenanigans would certainly make her a viable tag-partner for Alexa.

Another take is that Lily really is just a doll, and Alexa's twisted mind has unlocked a supernatural potential so great that she could easily demolish the tag-team champions and defend the titles on her own. It's certainly an unexpected direction for the WWE to take if Alexa does end up pursuing the tag titles with Lily, but an interesting one. I won't say if it's a bad or good idea just yet, but I do appreciate the potential twist of the WWE giving Alexa a different route than the obvious path many expected if that's what's happening here.

Monday Night Raw airs on USA Mondays at 8:00 p.m. ET. We've got plenty of questions about what's happening in the WWE as of late, so be sure to read up on our opinion of Daniel Bryan and why his SmackDown banishment should ultimately send him to Raw.

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