How Charlotte Flair's WWE Situation Will Probably Play Out, According To Former Head Writer

Charlotte Flair cutting a promo on SmackDown
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Charlotte Flair’s backstage drama with Becky Lynch is yet another major pro wrestling story of 2021. And the situation only gained more steam when reports further claimed she had tension with other wrestlers. Speculation is still rampant regarding whether Flair will ride out her WWE contract or ask for her release. And now former WWE head writer Vince Russo has shared some thoughts on how the situation might play out. 

Vince Russo rose to prominence as head writer for the organization during the Monday Night Wars with WCW. Needless to say, he knows about drama. When asked by Sportskeeda about Charlotte Flair’s current situation, he had this to say about how things might get resolved:

When you get to the point that you’re unhappy and you no longer want to work for that company, and you make that up in your mind… let’s look at Charlotte Flair, bro. Her husband [fiancé] is at AEW, the WWE has treated her father like crap over the years. Bro, she can name any price whatsoever to [AEW President] Tony Khan, any price, and she knows it. She probably, bro, is in a situation right now where she feels alone, by herself. She probably hates it. So what happens when you have a talent like that, Chris, is every little thing is going to cause them to blow. When they’re laying out the creative to her, ‘Okay, this is gonna make me look [bad],’ she is immediately unhappy because she’s not happy there.

It appears as though the wrestling scribe is just speculating rather than working with official intel from those within WWE. Still, given his personal history with Vince McMahon, his comments are worth taking note of. Reports suggest that Charlotte Flair isn’t in a great place with the organization and is allegedly difficult to work with. And yes, the WWE released both her father, Ric Flair, and her fiancé, Andrade. On the surface, it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot keeping Flair tied to the league, minus the contract she’s tied to. 

The WWE may be in a tight spot with Charlotte Flair, though it’s possible the alleged rocky relationship is still bumping along. She appeared on SmackDown this past Friday and even delivered a promo that seemingly leaned into the diva and villain persona that was suggested by reports. Still, that’s not entirely different from how her character acted ahead of the news that she and Becky Lynch got into a verbal altercation backstage after the former went off script during a segment. 

So at this point, there's no telling how things will pan out. In any case, it will be interesting to see how Flair is treated in the coming months and if the WWE will roll the dice on granting her release and risking her signing with its biggest competitor, AEW.

Charlotte Flair appears on SmackDown every Friday over on Fox at 8:00 p.m. ET. I miss seeing her on Monday Night Raw but, with Becky Lynch currently running the women’s division on that show, it’s probably best to keep those two separated.

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