Jake Paul Posts Shady Response About UFC After Brother Logan Paul Signs Major Sponsorship Deal

Jake Paul and Logan Paul have carved out their places in the fighting world and sports entertainment, but that credibility from fellow fighters and owners hasn't stopped either from occasionally stirring the pot with their comments. As such, the younger Paul is in the news once again after making a shady remark about the UFC not long after his brother Logan signed a major sponsorship deal with the organization. 

Logan Paul is still working in the WWE, but even the electric response from fans after his Royal Rumble appearance can't stop him from also making deals with the UFC. He took to Twitter to announce that his branded beverage, Prime, is now the official sports drink of the company. Once the news spread, some UFC fans decided to attempt to troll Jake Paul, a noted critic of UFC president Dana White, and Jake decided to respond with a response that could've angered the company and his brother:

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It's not the wildest thing that Jake Paul has said about Dana White or the UFC, and he could've gone much harder by pointing to White's more recent controversies. At the same time, it's shocking to see the up-and-coming boxer comment on a massive sponsorship deal for his brother's company by pointing to the often criticized pay disparity between the UFC and its fighters. 

Logan Paul responded to his brother's statement, though not with admonishment or an upset tone. Instead, it seems like Paul could be hinting that the Prime partnership could benefit UFC fighters in some way, though he didn't expand on it any further than that:

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Who knows what Logan Paul has planned? It's possible that UFC stars might be tapped for future Prime commercials or be eligible for endorsement deals. Per the UFC statement on the sponsorship, fans can expect to see a lot more of Prime branding and merchandise beginning with UFC 284, which is set for Saturday, February 11th. In addition to other changes, the UFC's "red" and "blue" corners will be known as "Prime Hydration Recovery Zones."

Jake Paul's Boxing Career Highlights

This massive partnership between Logan Paul and the UFC obviously opens the door to questions about whether or not he or his brother Jake Paul will ever step into the octagon to fight. As it stands right now, Logan Paul is a rising star in the WWE, and his brother Jake is establishing himself as a professional boxer. 

Still, that hasn't stopped either from calling out UFC notables like Conor McGregor and even fighting other UFC stars outside the confines of the fighting organization. The Paul brothers seem to have a knack for navigating the combat sports world, so it wouldn't be too surprising to hear either is working on a future contract with Dana White for a fight in the UFC in the coming years. For now, both parties seem content with the marriage of the Paul brand and the UFC via Prime. 

Logan Paul likely won't be entering the UFC's octagon as a combatant anytime soon, but he is expected to appear at the upcoming WWE event WrestleMania 39. As for Jake Paul, he's finally set to take on Tommy Fury in a bout that should occur on Sunday, February 26th. 

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