James Corden Talks Dropping 28 Lbs This Year, And How He's Feeling

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Despite initially rising to fame across the pond in his native country of England, James Corden has definitely cemented himself in American pop culture across the past six years that he's hosted CBS' The Late Late Show, and the past year hasn't seen any changes on that front. From hosting the highly anticipated, Emmy-nominated Friends: The Reunion special on HBO Max to producing Prime Video's Cinderella revamp with Camilla Cabello, Corden is generally known for high-profile projects these days. Not all of those projects are made for small-screen viewing, however, such as the comedic host's weight-loss journey, and he has opened up about losing 28 pounds across 2021.

Now 43 years old, James Corden has for years shared insights into his attempts to lose weight and keep it off, though his success rate has been more hit or miss than anything else. It appears that up-and-down track has smoothed out immensely though, with Corden dropping nearly 30 pounds in the last year thanks in large part to his embrace of Weight Watchers. Here's how he put it in an interview with People:

Let me tell you — WW really works. I am down 28 pounds since the start of the year, and for the first time, the weight I've lost hasn't come back. It's game-changing and I feel incredible.

With other diets and weight-loss tactics having only worked in limited capacities before, James Corden is clearly pleased with Weight Watchers' updated Personal Points program, and says he's found the right balance across his eating habits and his workout regimen, and it hasn't involved making any huge changes to his daily routines, presumably beyond limiting the intake.

Corden first partnered up with Weight Watchers in the earliest days of 2021, saying at the time that he wanted to change his approach to healthiness for the sake of his family. And it appears that was both a successful business decision and a successful lifestyle decision. Below, he talked about how the holiday season is usually a trigger for weight gains, with this year being a major exception. In his words:

This time of year has traditionally been a struggle for me when it comes to healthy living but I'm entering the holiday season more confident than ever. It's my favorite time of year, and it's so liberating to know that I can still enjoy the foods I love most and never deprive myself.

In part to celebrate and promote James Corden's personal wins with the company, it's reported that Weight Watchers will be airing a set of new ads with the talk show host front and center. Fans can check out the video below from earlier in 2021, at which point Corden had lost 20 lbs using WW methods.

Fans can expect to see the host sticking it out behind his signature desk for a while longer, with Corden's most current Late Late Show contract not set to expire until August 2023. His Weight Watchers success is definitely a win, though this year has seen the Brit take a lot of heat on social media for a variety of reasons. From Friends fans who thought he railroaded the reunion special to those angered by his viral Cinderella stunts to swaths of musical fanatics who want him to stay as far away as possible from the Wicked film adaptation, Corden has dealt with his share of backlashes, but seems to have conquered everything 2021 had to throw at him without feeling the need to reverse course with his dieting goals. 

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