Jana Duggar Leaving Jim Bob And Michelle’s Home Is Seemingly A Big Deal, But Not So Fast

Jana Duggar is many things. She is a sibling, a daughter, and a reality star, not to mention a woman who enjoys gardening and one of the few Duggar women to reportedly move forward with a business plan. She’s also 33 and has long been a Duggar sibling who has lived at home. Now, her brother has reported she’s allegedly "moved out," which would be a pretty huge deal. 

Many fans of 19 Kids and Counting or its now-canceled sister show Counting On probably know how courtship works in the Duggar family, who see themselves as followers of the Institute in Basic Life Principles. They may have even heard how strict the dress code is for the women in the Duggar family or have heard Jinger Duggar talking about how music with drums led to fear in her childhood. They may already be familiar with the idea that unmarried women in the family stay at home until they are wed, which is why Jana moving out would be a shocking move. 

So, what happened? 

Did Jana Duggar Move Out?

Without a Crystal Ball broke the news after one of Jana’s brothers reached out – in a very rare move – to clarify a few things. In fact, Katie Joy revealed that in the time of its coverage, a Duggar brother reaching out has only occurred the one time. She said she texted the unnamed brother about the #freeJana movement, and the brother responded that Jana had “moved out.”

Going back to the Jana thing, they said, ‘Oh, well she moved out two years ago. And I said, ‘She moved out two years ago?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ And I said, ‘Well that’s not true, because she got a citation for child endangerment and her address was still your parents’ address. And she still was living in your home, and when she paid her fine her address was still the same.' Then he changed the story, and said, ‘Well, maybe it was a year ago.’

While Jana Duggar had been at home during the ordeal where she dealt with child endangerment charges and subsequent fines, if true, her move would be a massive deal. 

Jana’s sister Jinger has actually been clear that Jana is unable to move out unless she were to be married. She said earlier this year that unmarried women moving out would go against what Jim Bob, Michelle and many of the 19 Kids and Counting kids believe. She spoke to Allie Beth Stuckey earlier this year about the concept and how she personally felt. 

If you get a job or move out, you’re opening yourself up to Satan’s attacks because you don’t have an umbrella to protect you. So that’s what I believed wholeheartedly, and that’s why I stayed.

But not so fast. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar own a huge property with many places Jana Duggar could still be living, which would allow her to still be following the tenets of the family’s belief system while being able to maintain at least a facade of independence. There’s the warehouse Josh, Anna and the kids lived in and other spaces Jana could be living on property. So Katie Joy also hedged she hasn’t actually left the property at all.

Jana Duggar, has, of course, not confirmed or denied any of this, and her brother who reached out to the outlet apparently went radio silence after getting called out a little bit on Jana’s alleged move. But an insider reportedly reached out to confirm Jana has moved out of the main Duggar compound and has moved into a “tiny house” which is located on the Duggar property. If true, she's moved out but not moved on.  

Still, when you are living under any sort of authority, I’d guess the autonomy might be refreshing. Particularly for the reality star, as Jana has been open about the "pressure" to marry in the past and has said she does "long" to move forward into the next portion of her life. We’ll have to wait and see what’s next for Jana, but unless someone puts a ring on it, she'll probably remain on the property. 

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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