These Photos Of Jared Padalecki Dressed As A My Little Pony Character With His Daughter Will Melt Your Heart

Jared Padalecki may be known for hunting supernatural creatures and being a Texas Ranger but, if you asked him, he'd likely say that his most important job is being a dad to his three kids. And since the Walker actor films the CW reboot in his hometown of Austin, Padalecki is able to spend more time with his children. This quality time can include dressing for certain occasions, and the star recently he donned a My Little Pony look that will melt your heart.

Even celebrity dads will do anything for their children. Netflix’s new film, My Little Pony: A New Generation, recently dropped, and Jared Padalecki couldn't help celebrate the occasion. He did so by dressing up as a pony from Equestria, alongside his daughter Odette, and he was more than happy to share the pictures from his Friday date night on Twitter:

His wife and Walker co-star, Genevieve Cortese, also posted pictures from the date night on Instagram. And in one of them, the Supernatural alum seems to be having a “rousing discussion” with his dogs about the new My Little Pony film. Do dogs understand conversations about other animals? Probably not, but it looks like they’re intrigued either way, which is hilarious and heartwarming.

The pictures are definitely adorable and are just the latest of many the Padaleckis have posted on their social medias of them and their kids. After the couple met on the set of Supernatural during its fourth season, a love story began. Now, over a decade (and three kids) later, the stars' relationship is still going strong. It’s nice to see a sense of normalcy in their family, and pictures of them and their kids are always lovely.

Surprisingly, Jared Padalecki hasn't taken on many roles in kid-centric projects. Perhaps when he’s on his Walker hiatus he could lend his voice to an animated series, or better yet, another My Little Pony film? I know his youngest would be eager to watch such a film. However, one would hope that she's actually able to recognize her father's vocals. As Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has proven, just because you've landed a part in a major animated movie, it doesn't necessarily mean your kid will believe it. 

Meanwhile, Season 2 of Walker is currently being filmed and is set to premiere later this month. The show has become the highest-rated on The CW and, based on the way Season 1 panned out, the new episodes should be intense and emotional. Hopefully, Jared Padalecki’s Cordell Walker will give himself a break this time around because he was way too hard on himself. I guess fans will find out what lies in store for him when the series returns on Thursday, October 28 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW!

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