Jeff Hardy Revealed What His Big Post-WWE Wrestling Plans Are, But When's It Happening?

Jeff Hardy in the WWE
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Jeff Hardy is one of wrestling’s biggest free agents at the moment — or was — and any wrestling organization would be lucky to have him. However, it always seemed like there was just one destination he’d end up at following his ousting from the WWE. Sure enough, Hardy has confirmed that he's set to join AEW's ranks, but when is his big debut happening?

Yes, as many predicted, it's now been confirmed by Jeff Hardy that he intends to link up with his brother Matt Hardy in AEW. The news came via an interview with YouTuber Jared Meyers, tied to Hardy's current music tour. The two discussed a litany of topics, and when Myers asked Hardy about his future wrestling plans, the high-flying athlete didn’t leave much to mystery in offering the following statement. 

I’m going to AEW. I’m so excited.

Jeff Hardy will soon be “All Elite,” at least, according to the man himself. Tony Khan and AEW haven’t released an official statement that Hardy will join the brand, though many wrestling analysts and fans assumed as much, considering frequent tag partner Matt Hardy is currently with the company. Together, the Hardy Boyz can reunite, meaning one of the most legendary tag-teams in professional wrestling will soon under the AEW umbrella. 

The question right now is when that will happen, which we aren’t sure of. If we’re to assume Jeff Hardy has the standard 90-day non-compete clause after release most WWE stars are held to, then he should be free to wrestle elsewhere sometime around Wednesday, March 9th. That coincides with an airing of AEW: Dynamite if it lines up exactly, so while we can’t say for sure he’ll show up then and there, that might be a show for wrestling fans to already mark on their calendars.

Previously, fans were made privy to a Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy reunion already being assured, as the two booked a number of dates for indie wrestling shows where they would be competing. AEW seemed like a safe bet for where Jeff Hardy might go for a permanent gig, but in a year that has already seen the exit of AEW's former EVP, founder, and star Cody Rhodes, who’s to say who will or won’t go anywhere? (I mean, beyond the presumption that Rhodes is indeed heading back to the WWE.)

One thing that seemed certain, however, was that Jeff Hardy wouldn’t make amends with the WWE and return there. Hardy allegedly rejected a chance to return at the Royal Rumble, and even an offer to join the WWE Hall of Fame, so it doesn't currently seem like there’s anything the company could have done to win him back. 

Tensions between Jeff Hardy and WWE first surfaced when reports surfaced the company sent him home from its tour following a concerning event at a house show. A video later surfaced that showed Hardy out of sorts in the ring before abruptly exiting the ring mid-match and making his way through the crowd. Fans originally expressed concern the incident involved some sort of drug use given Hardy’s openness about past struggles with addiction, though Matt Hardy has dismissed that drugs were a factor in the incident. Now, the two are moving forward in AEW, and it’ll be interesting to see how they fare together in that organization.

Jeff Hardy isn’t in AEW yet, to be sure, but now might be a good time to keep an eye on this week’s AEW: Rampage, which airs on TNT Friday at 10:00 p.m. ET. Those who miss his time in WWE can always revisit that with a Peacock premium subscription and check out a bunch of other WWE wrestling content. 

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