Johnny Galecki Is Developing A New TV Show That's Wildly Different From The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory ended on CBS in 2019 and much of the cast has since moved on to other projects. Johnny Galecki, who portrayed Leonard Hofstadter on the comedy, is developing a new show that is wildly different from The Big Bang Theory.

Johnny Galecki is moving on from comedy and doing a medical drama. According to Deadline, the actor is developing a new series based on J.D. Kleinke’s novel Catching Babies on ABC. The untitled family medicine series will follow a group of medical professionals who are dedicated to maternal/fetal and family medicine. Like other medical dramas, the series will involve plenty of loss, heartbreak, and love, all while bringing new life into the world.

The new series is written by Manifest co-executive producers Margaret Easley and Laura Putney. Johnny Galecki for Alcide Bava Productions, Reid Scott, Elspeth Keller and Michael Baum are executive producing, while Cory Wood of Alcide Bava Productions will co-executive produce.

Currently there is no word on who will be cast in the series. While it’s not known if Galecki will only be working behind-the-scenes on the drama, it’s possible he could also be starring in the new series. Fans will definitely have to keep an eye out to see who is joining the series, and if any of those castings include The Big Bang Theory stars.

Johnny Galecki was on The Big Bang Theory for the show’s entire 12-season run. The comedy was one of CBS’ most popular shows and even spawned prequel spinoff Young Sheldon. Going from a comedy to a medical drama is a big leap, especially given how happy comedies can be and how heartbreaking dramas can be.

It will be interesting to see what Galecki brings to the series, as he has such experience in network television but firmly in the realm of comedy. The project is still in development, so it’s unknown whether or not ABC will pick it up to series. The network already has its hands full with Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor, but you can never have too many medical dramas.

Medical drama is definitely a captivating genre, and one so popular that every single major broadcast network either already has at least one or will soon premiere one. Hopefully more news is released soon about Galecki's new potential series, because it really sounds like a great one.

This isn't the only show that Johnny Galecki is working on. It was recently announced the actor is developing a workplace comedy titled AOK. The series will be a half-hour, multi-cam sitcom set in 1991 and will follow a ragtag group of young employees working for an Internet company. While fans of the actor wait for news on these developing series, the full run of The Big Bang Theory is available streaming on HBO Max.

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