Johnny Galecki Shares Sad Video Of The Big Bang Theory Set Being Torn Down

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It’s really over. Johnny Galecki made the end of The Big Bang Theory all the more real with a super sad behind-the-scenes peek. Fans won't get to see the final episode until this coming Thursday, May 16, but the set has already finished its job for the cast and crew. Galecki took fans on a brief tour via social media, with a video of the series' set getting broken down. Grab a tissue and check it out below:

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This is when you know a series is really done. Fans already knew that The Big Bang Theory had finished filming. However, this look at the set means the physical vestiges of its universe are being brought down. Hopefully, some of the set will end up getting featured in a museum somewhere. I can imagine many fans would like to see that set in person.

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(As Johnny Galecki noted, the "coincidental soundtrack" in the background included the Beatles' song "Help," with apropos lyrics like "Help me if you can, I'm feeling down...")

Johnny Galecki was not shy about revealing that he was a “puddle of tears” over filming The Big Bang Theory’s final episode. He has spent twelve years investing in and playing Leonard, so it is not surprising. Galecki’s co-star Kaley Cuoco was similarly affected by saying goodbye.

She posted a picture of her face awash in tears after doing the table read for the final episode. Kaley Cuoco has also called the finale “beautiful.” Of course, this is goodbye, so it sounds like you can expect no shortage of emotions.

The somber reality of The Big Bang Theory ending will really set in on Thursday (May 16). That is when the show’s final episode will air. The Big Bang Theory will say goodbye with a special one-hour installment.

In uplifting news, the series’ spinoff Young Sheldon will say a short-term goodbye with its Season 2 finale. You cannot follow the series finale of the show that made it possible without including a connection. Young Sheldon will have just that.

Ahead of The Big Bang Theory’s final outing, something significant got revealed. The younger versions of Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette will all appear in Young Sheldon’s season finale. Feel free to begin speculating on how they will do so.

As the cast prepares to move forward, a second spinoff has yet to move forward. Something that makes the departure of The Big Bang Theory undoubtedly a bit sadder. Fans will still have Young Sheldon, for more than one upcoming season.

The penultimate episode of The Big Bang Theory saw the shocking end of one relationship. Will there be another breakup before the series ends? Will Penny and Johnny Galecki’s Leonard be another casualty? Take heart, the finale is almost here, and fans will find out.

The good news is what one of The Big Bang Theory’s directors said about the finale. It should not be shattering in nature.

Watch the set in action in the final episode. The Big Bang Theory’s one-hour series finale airs Thursday, May 16 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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