Kaley Cuoco's Birthday Message From Big Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki Is Hilariously Heavy On The 'Johnny Galecki'

In the annals of most beloved sitcom couples of the modern TV era — certainly such annals exist, no? — Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki's Penny and Leonard Hofstadter are certainly somewhere in the upper echelon, which they reached without a working elevator. The two actors maintained a close friendship off the set, and have kept it going even after the CBS hit ended in 2020, though the pandemic and various personal and professional endeavors have obviously kept them from constant hang-outs in the interim. But Galecki can always be counted on to deliver memorable birthday wishes, and this year was no exception.

Check out the subtly hilarious way Johnny Galecki honored the day of birth for his former co-star (and former real-life flame) Kaley Cuoco on Instagram

What better method of showing someone how much you love them than by posting a picture with your face as the most prominent imagery? Galecki has spiked his previous birthday greetings with jokes about Cuoco being decades older than what she actually is — she turned 36 on November 30 — and while this post wasn’t quite as hyperbolic in that sense, the actor pegged the current Flight Attendant star as being 48. His math isn’t quite as good as Leonard’s.

Still, the best thing about this is Johnny Galecki’s fresh-faced mug taking up the majority of the shot. Which might not seem so intentional, but when compared to all of their pics together that he’s shared in the past (in which they’re both equally present in the frame), it seems pretty obvious.

Cuoco was quite amused by it herself, posting a slew of laughing emojis in the comment section, and then sharing a screengrab of the post in her Instagram Stories, as seen below. 

Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco pic from Instagram Stories

(Image credit: Instagram)

Kaley Cuoco also took to Instagram Stories with pics and videos of what appeared to be a fun trip to Disney, as part of an annual birthday celebration with her sister Briana Cuoco. This is her first birthday after her split from husband Karl Cook earlier this year, and she shared a few thoughts on social about feeling the emotional toll. But here’s hoping her 36th year is full of smiles, friends and even more awards nominations.

Currently, Kaley Cuoco is coming off a fun Curb Your Enthusiasm cameo and is in the process of filming Season 2 of HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant, while Johnny Galecki is working on developing a new series that will be a workplace comedy set around the advent of the Internet. No clue if he’ll be able to do any acting for it, as he now has a growing family to focus his attention on, but we can only hope. And if he wanted to return to The Conners a couple more times in Season 4 and beyond, that works, too! 

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