Kaley Cuoco Shares BTS Look At The Flight Attendant's First Week Back Filming, And I'm So Ready For Season 2

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When you find a show you love, it’s always difficult to wait for new episodes to return when the show is between seasons. As lucky as we all are to at least have our favorites get renewed, it can feel a bit like torture as we endure the downtime, especially if a show had an explosive or cliffhanger-filled ending. HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant was nothing if not action-packed during Season 1, and while the finale wrapped up many of the major plotlines, now that star / executive producer Kaley Cuoco has shared some behind the scenes photos as they film the new episodes, I’m so ready for Season 2!

The Flight Attendant Season 1 did an amazing job of drawing the audience in and keeping us hooked through many comically dark twists and turns. So, it makes sense that fans are eagerly awaiting both more information about the new season and any hints we get at what’s to come. Series lead Kaley Cuoco has given us a look at the first week of filming on Instagram, and it’s sure to get you excited for Season 2. Take a look!

Well, Cuoco wasn’t kidding when she noted in her caption that this was a “photo dump” from their first week on set for the new season of The Flight Attendant. She posted 10 photos from the shoot, which include a look at returning cast and crew members, gives us more shots of her new, banging hairdo (see what I did there?), and offers a first look at a couple of new characters for Season 2.

In the very first shot, we see Mae Martin (Netflix’s Feel Good), who will be playing Grace St. James in the upcoming season. We don’t have a full character description for Grace just yet, but later on in Cuoco’s photos, we do get to see Martin on set and wearing a flight attendant uniform, so it appears that they’ll be joining in on the flight crew fun, if not also sticking around for the danger that will almost certainly come to pass. 

We also get to see new series regular Mo McRae (Sons of Anarchy, Pitch) getting in on the filming fun with Cuoco. You may have noticed that McRae is wearing a CIA badge, and that’s because he’ll be playing agent Benjamin Berry, who’s been known to get a bit too...involved with his assets. This tracks with what we heard back in July about a new CIA character being introduced, who’d be keeping an eye on Cassie’s activities now that she’s a part-time CIA asset. 

The new season will see Cassie living in L.A. and helping the organization out when needed, but, as you can imagine, trouble soon becomes her middle name again when an assignment overseas leads to Cassie witnessing a murder and throwing her right back into the thick of very imminent danger.

The Flight Attendant Season 2 already seems like it’s shaping up to be one filled with lots of drama, shocking comedy, and all of the international intrigue fans could want from the series, so I can’t wait until we can finally tune in! The show is due back on HBO Max at some point in spring of 2022, but until then you can see what’s new with our 2021 fall TV schedule.

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