Kanye West And Drake Have Apparently Settled Their Beef, And The Internet Has No Chill

Kanye West and Drake
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The hip-hop industry has seen its fair share of high-profile feuds over the years. Back-and-forths between rappers like 50 Cent and Ja Rule and Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj are pretty much commonplace at this point. But one of the biggest that’s made headlines over the past few years is the one between Kanye West and Drake. The drama has stemmed from both professional and personal aspects of their lives and, at times, it hasn’t been pretty. However, it now seems the two have actually squashed their years-long beef and are seemingly on good terms. And as you’d imagine, folks across the Internet are dropping in some great jokes, showing that they have no chill whatsoever.

The feud between the two rappers began in earnest in 2018, when Kanye West became embroiled in the conflict between Aubrey Graham (Drake) and Pusha T. Since then, West and Graham have had a number of flare-ups. The most recent one occurred ahead of the releases of their respective albums, Donda and Certified Lover Boy. The former dropped on August 29th, while the latter followed soon after on September 3rd. Per reports, both music phenoms were upset about the proximity of the releases. Aside from that, the Canadian star also became embroiled in West’s divorce drama with Kim Kardashian and even seemed to use a Kardashian look alike in a recent music video.

But this week, the drama between the pair was apparently resolved, thanks to Rap-A-Lot Records head J Prince. Last night, Kanye West went viral when he dropped an Instagram photo of himself, Prince and Drake in front of the Degrassi alum’s Toronto home. The Canadian performer also shared a post of his own that included two videos, one of which showed him and West partying together at the house. Upon learning the news, many on Twitter couldn’t help but celebrate the reconciliation of the hip-hop artists -- and presumably their respective fans:

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Given the recent posts from the two stars, it would indeed appear that all is well between them. Still, there are some who believe that things may have been a bit tense when J Prince first brought them together. One cheeky user imagined what that first conversation between them probably looked like and used one of the best scenes from the acclaimed comedy Sorry to Bother You to do so:

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Internet users are also pulling out some tried-and-true memes to describe the situation. One of them actually involves fellow rapper Future, and a commentator used the popular image to tremendous effect. Check it out for yourself down below:

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Now that Drake and Kanye West have made amends, some are turning their attention to Pusha T. Fans seem to be curious regarding how he’s taking this latest development, given he’s been close to West in the past. One person seems to think the rapper may not be handling this new friendship too well:

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One would assume that this bond will hold steady and that the shade-throwing is officially over. But that doesn’t mean there’s not a chance things couldn’t still get messy at some point. Another user actually joked that the “Donda Chant” writer could actually create a bit of hilarious chaos, should he be so bold:

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One can only hope that this truce sticks, as I don’t think many of us can take another few years of watching the rappers trade barbs. Additionally, should they stay on good terms, it may mean fans could see some sweet collaborations in the near future.

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