Kanye West Followed Up Donda Success By Spending $58 Million On A House That's Also A Sculpture

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Kanye West has been enjoying a bit of professional success over the past several weeks. The rapper finally released his highly anticipated tenth studio album, Donda, earlier this month and, so far, the album has seen major sales and has received mostly positive reviews. So how does someone in West’s position follow up such a major milestone? You spend $58 million on a house that’s also a sculpture, of course.

The house that the musician just reportedly paid $58.3 million on is located in Malibu and is apparently one of the few homes in the U.S. that’s been designed by celebrated architect Tadao Ando. According to Dirt, the house is a whopping 4,000 square feet. Kanye West has admired Ando’s work for quite some time, so the music and fashion mogul was apparently eager to own such an abode reminiscent of the Ando-designed homes found in Naoshima.

It’s honestly a large chunk of change to pay for a home but, according to the site, Kanye West actually could’ve ended up paying much more for it. The site reports that the house originally had a $75 million price tag on it, but it was eventually taken off the market. Things turned out well for the musician in that regard but, if we’re being honest, it is within his budget.

In the past, Kanye West has proven to be pretty astute when it comes to architecture. West and his soon-to-be-ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, put a lot of thought into the design for their Hidden Hills home. They worked closely with designer Axel Vervoordt to nail down a design for the home. West reportedly sought to construct a home that gave off a sense of simplicity. However, Vervoordt admitted that he sometimes had to rein in some of the rapper’s ideas and serve as the “voice of functionality.”

Interestingly enough, Kim Kardashian is reportedly planning to build an addition to the Hidden Hills compound. The specifics of her project are currently unclear, but they were massive enough to warrant a lawsuit from a neighbor, who believed the reality TV star was constructing an underground vault.

What’s most interesting about this purchase is that the house is in California, which means Kanye West will be closer to his four kids. When he and Kim Kardashiaan separated, West retreated to his $14.5 million ranch in Wyoming and, since then, he’s spent a fair amount of his time there. While it’s only speculation at this point, this recent purchase could be an indicator that he’s looking to be closer to his kids. And based on the reports we’ve heard as of late, this makes sense.

This past summer, the estranged music mogul and his estranged spouse embarked on a few family outings with their kids. The two celebrity parents even spent some quality time alone. And then, of course, there are the Donda listening parties, which Kim Kardashian and the kids attended to show their support.

It’ll be interesting to see how the family dynamics continue to develop now that Kanye West will likely be spending more time with his kids. And let’s be thankful that he can welcome them to a brand-new home instead of the “bedroom” he occupied in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium while working on his Donda album.

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