Kel Mitchell: 9 Movies And TV Shows He Has Been In Since Kenan & Kel

Kel Mitchell on SNL
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One my favorite TV shows growing up was Kenan & Kel — which I was thankfully able to revisit on Netflix not too long ago and continued to binge to completion with a Paramount+ subscription later. So, you can imagine my delight when I saw the stars of the ‘90s Nickelodeon sitcom, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, reunite on a Saturday Night Live sketch imagining a modern revival with Keke Palmer called Kenan & Kelly.

The cameo from Mitchell — also known from sketch comedy series All That, its 1997 feature-length spin-off Good Burger, and the underrated superhero movie Mystery Men — was especially exciting because it feels like he kind of just disappeared after Kenan & Kel ended in 2000. In fact, he was even rumored to be dead at one point, but, as his more recent sightings have proved, he is alive and well and we have just not been paying enough attention. So, in that case, let’s take a look at the movies and TV shows of his that some might have missed over the years. Awww, here it goes!  

Kel Mitchell as T Bone on Clifford The Big Red Dog

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Clifford The Big Red Dog (2000-2003)

The granted wish of a young girl (Grey DeLisle) causes her dog (voiced by the late John Ritter) to grow to an unusually large size.

Why you should check it out if you like Kel Mitchell: In the same year Kenan & Kel ended, Kel Mitchell launched a successful voice acting career by starring on PBS’ animated series based on the Clifford the Big Red Dog books as the titular Giant Vizsla’s friend, a bulldog named T-Bone.

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Kel Mitchell in Clifford’s Really Big Movie

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Clifford’s Really Big Movie (2004)

Hoping to alleviate his family’s financial concerns regarding feeding him, Clifford and his friends run away to enter a contest that could earn him a lifetime supply of dog food, only to realize that going back home might not be so easy.

Why you should check it out if you like Kel Mitchell: Kel Mitchell would reprise his role as T-Bone in Clifford’s Really Big Movie — a feature-length, theatrically released spin-off of the animated series that also featured the likes of John Goodman, Wayne Brady, and Wilmer Valderrama in the star-studded voice cast.

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Kel Mitchell on Pink Panther & Pals

(Image credit: Cartoon Network)

Pink Panther & Pals (2010)

The adventures of an animal of unusual color and funny creatures.

Why you should check it out if you like Kel Mitchell: Another notable animated role Kel Mitchell went on to voice was “Ant,” who is one off the titular “pals” from Pink Panther & Pals — a Cartoon Network original reboot of the cartoon spun-off from the live-action series of comedic mysteries 

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Kel Mitchell on Wild Grinders

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Wild Grinders (2012-2015)

The adventures of a group of young skateboarding prodigies.

Why you should check it out if you like Kel Mitchell: The actor went on to voice the role of the germaphobic Jay Jay on Wild Grinders — an animated comedy also starring and created by real-life professional skateboarding star Rob Dyrdek.

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Like Mike 2: Streetball cast

(Image credit: Disney)

Like Mike 2: Streetball (2006)

After finding a pair of sneakers that supposedly used to belong to Michael Jordan, a young aspiring athlete (Jascha Washington) finds that he can magically play like a pro when he puts them on.

Why you should check it out if you like Kel Mitchell: Playing heavily against type, Kel Mitchell stars as the main character’s arrogant, conniving cousin in Like Mike 2: Streetball — a straight-to-video sequel that essentially remakes the family-friendly basketball movie classic from 2002. 

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Kel Mitchell in Honeydripper

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Honeydrippper (2007)

Hoping to lure customers away from a rival music joint and raise enough profit to alleviate his debts, a desperate lounge owner and piano player (Danny Glover) hires a young musician (Gary Clark Jr.) to fill a slot promised for an ailing, legendary guitarist in 1950s Alabama.

Why you should check it out if you like Kel Mitchell: In one of his more comparatively earnest roles, Kel Mitchell plays a club patron named Junebug in Honeydripperwriter and director John Sayles’ must-see for fans of old school blues.

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Kel Mitchell in Battle Of Los Angeles

(Image credit: The Asylum)

Battle Of Los Angeles (2011)

Nearly seventy years after the U.S. government quarreled with a UFO hovering over Los Angeles the same extra-terrestrials have returned with a vengeance, tasking the Army with defending the California city.

Why you should check it out if you like Kel Mitchell: Not to be confused with the theatrically released Battle: Los Angeles from the same year, Battle of Los Angeles is The Asylum’s own, straight-to-video splicing of a modern war movie with an alien invasion thriller starring Kel Mitchell as one of the central heroes.

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Kel Mitchell in Dance Fu

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Dance Fu (2011)

A talented, Chicago-based choreographer (Kel Mitchell) must discover how to transfer his dancing skills into fighting skills in order to avenge the sudden death of his uncle.

Why you should check it out if you like Kel Mitchell: In addition to co-writing the screenplay for this ridiculous action-comedy from star and director Cedric the Entertainer, Dance Fu also stars Mitchell as both the hero and villain of the story.

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Kel Mitchell on Game Shakers

(Image credit: Nickelodeon)

Game Shakers (2015-2019)

A pair of 12-year-old competitive video game prodigies (Cree and Madisyn Shipman) launch their own multi-million-dollar company with the help of an adult rap star (Kel Mitchell) as their business partner.

Why you should check it out if you like Kel Mitchell: Eventually, Mitchell returned to the network that made him a star, Nickelodeon, as a series regular on the hit series Game Shakers, which also starred future Fear Street movies cast member Benjamin Flores Jr. as his son. 

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Kel Mitchell has not just been busy with acting, having also taken up a career as a youth pastor and written a couple of books — a devotional called Blessed Mode and a children’s novel called Prank Day. However, it looks like he might actually be returning to another one of his most iconic roles if his recent comments regarding a sequel to Good Burger effectively come to fruition.

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