Kelly Clarkson Files Restraining Order Against ‘Large, Imposing Man’ After He Showed Up Outside Her Home

There is a risk that comes with living part of one's life in front of the camera, and celebrities know they often need to have the proper security in place in order to protect themselves and their loved ones. Kelly Clarkson has been dealing with some unsettling situations recently, and she was again forced to take legal action, after a man — whom security described as “large and physically imposing” — visited her house multiple times, asking to see the Emmy-winning talk show host. Clarkson has filed a restraining order against him, saying she is “in fear” that he may try to cause her family harm. 

Kelly Clarkson reportedly filed the restraining order in Los Angeles, expressing concern for her two children, house manager and nanny, who the singer says spend a significant amount of time with her at home, her office and various TV sets and music studios. Legal documents obtained by The Blast show that she felt forced to take action after the unwanted visitor nearly had a run-in with Clarkson’s two children and the nanny. On December 3, the man was refused entry to the property, and according to the court filing, a member of the security team said: 

I then told him that he needed to leave. He said ok, but he lingered, still looking confused and irritated. He then walked away from the gate but remained at the front of the property across the street. At around that time, Kelly’s nanny arrived in the family SUV with her children. I saw this individual start to gesture or take a photograph of the SUV. I then called the nanny to tell her that it was not safe to open the gate with this individual there and that she should go somewhere safe with the children until the police could be called. She then left the property, and I called 911.

That was apparently the man’s third visit to Kelly Clarkson’s house, as he was reported to have been previously seen trying to look over her privacy gate twice on Thanksgiving Day. The man was described in the court documents as “approximately 6 feet, 3 inches tall, and over 250 lbs.” In speaking with her security team at the gate, the man appeared to think the American Idol champion was expecting him, and asked security multiple times if he was being scammed, as if someone online had led him to believe he was actually speaking with the Grammy winner.

After 911 was called, the Los Angeles Police Department arrived to take a report, and a court date is set for January, per The Blast. Kelly Clarkson apparently felt a restraining order was necessary in the meantime, saying in the court filing:

I am afraid of what he might do if he is notified of the hearing without any restraining order in place. I am in fear that he may cause harm to me, my children, or my property.

This ordeal follows another scary incident for the former coach on The Voice, after she filed a police report just a week ago in regards to someone leaving her unwanted gifts after trespassing on her property multiple times. Hopefully the security Kelly Clarkson has in place continues to protect her and her loved ones from any potential threats.

Check your local listings to see when to catch The Kelly Clarkson Show in your area, and you’ll be able to see the singer again when The Voice returns to the 2023 TV schedule for its 23rd season.  

Heidi Venable
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