Lisa Marie Presley Will Be Laid To Rest Near Elvis At Graceland As Her Daughters Take Over The Estate

It’s been just under a week since the world bid farewell to entertainer and superstar offspring Lisa Marie Presley, who passed away on January 12 after being taken to the hospital for a suspected cardiac arrest. In the time since that unfortunate incident, many from the worlds of film, music, television and beyond have shared lots of praise for the singer. Now it’s being reported that she’ll soon be heading to her final resting place, and it’s confirmed she’ll be buried next to her late son Benjamin, and not far from her legendary father, Elvis Presley.

The Presley family compound, located in Memphis, is currently the site where preparations are taking place for Lisa Marie Presley to be interred, according to TMZ. The family is getting ready for a Celebration of Life ceremony set for Sunday, January 22, which will take place at the famed backyard fountain located at Graceland, and will be open to the public. 

Lisa Marie Presley’s burial spot, which is being excavated, will reportedly be just beside son Benjamin, who died of suicide in 2020. As well, she’ll be across the fountain from her iconic father and his own father Vernon Elvis Presley, who passed away 2 years after the King’s shocking 1977 death, as well as mother Gladys Love Smith, who died in 1958. 

It appears as if more preparations are in place for Sunday’s event, with a stage being constructed on Graceland’s front lawn, where fans have been leaving many bouquets of flowers since Lisa Marie Presley’s death. At this time, no one has specifically been announced to pay tribute outside of presumed family members, but it wouldn’t be completely out of place for a few other noteworthy names to stop by with kind words and a tip of the hat. 

As Elvis fans and Graceland enthusiasts are likely well aware, the lavish tourist-friendly spot has a camera feed that shares footage of the grounds 24/7 via the establishment’s website. It was noted that the camera feeds were shut off completely for a time, and it’s suspected that was to allow the event prep to happen away from the public’s eyes. 

A former Scientologist who was rumored to potentially be involved in Danny Masterson’s court case, Lisa Marie Presley was survived by her three daughters: 33-year-old actress Riley Keough (with ex-husband Danny Keough) and 14-year old twins Harper and Finley (with ex-husband Michael Lockwood). According to a legal trust, the trio will now be in charge of Graceland, which was initially passed down to the King’s only daughter, Lisa Marie Presley after he died. She was only 9 years old at the time, and gained full ownership at 25 after the trust dissolved. It’s unclear at this point if the daughters will make any changes to how Graceland operates.

Just days before her passing, Lisa Marie Presley witnessed Austin Butler winning out at this year’s Golden Globes for his portrayal in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis, which she’d publicly supported surrounding its release. 

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