Magnum P.I. Season 5 Finally Started Filming, And Jay Hernandez Shared His First Behind-The-Scenes Set Photo

Thomas telling Higgins he loves her in Magnum P.I. Season 4 finale
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It’s Fall TV season, which is usually the time of the year when Magnum P.I. fans could join all the other small-screen fandoms in anticipating the arrival of its newest season. Of course, that’s not the case this year, as CBS pulled the plug on the crime drama during the May cancellation bloodbath. Thankfully, after weeks of fans campaigning for the show to be saved — complete with a Times Square billboard — NBC stepped up and rescued Magnum P.I. with a Season 5 renewal, which is set to debut on the network in 2023. Filming for the new episodes began in earnest in late September, with an official Hawaiian blessing kicking things off, and star Jay Hernandez has now shared his first BTS pic of the season. 

While much of what fans can expect from Season 5 is still a mystery, albeit one that isn’t super-hidden considering Magnum P.I. isn’t the most complicated series, Hernandez shared a first-look shot on Twitter with co-star Tim Kang at a pretty familiar watering hole. Check it out below! 

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Nothing like a smiling Jay Hernandez in a flower-emblazoned shirt to get Magnum P.I. fans pumped. Throw in Gordon Katsumoto portrayer Tim Kang mugging the camera, some beer taps, and co-star Zach Knighton appearing none the wiser in the background, and you’ve got yourself a party going. 

Speaking of parties, Knighton shared a shot on Instagram from the Hawaiian blessing that looks like it was a fun time indeed. 

Tim Kang also shared some shots from the blessing on social media, as well as some generally gorgeous shots from the production coming together in Hawaii. And he proves what Knighton and many others have already made clear: people love taking pics with Stephen Hill and his infectious smiles. 

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The Magnum P.I. cast, and Stephen Hill in particular, has been extremely grateful for the fandom and its efforts, not only following the CBS cancellation, but for the four years on that network as well, which is where it all built up to such an impressive level. Not that NBC was taking a gigantic risk with picking up Magnum P.I., since its Season 4 viewership and ratings stats would be a big plus for any network, assuming the fandom does indeed follow the show to its new home.

Hopefully with filming now officially going strong, fans can anticipate hearing about some casting news for new faces who might be popping by the islands in Season 5. Or if any of the familiar stars will be making untimely exits, which doesn't seem likely at this point, since we'd have likely heard something along those lines by now. 

So without any bad news to worry about at this point, Magnum P.I. fans can look forward to more BTS pics from the cast and crew as Season 5 comes together. While waiting for it to arrive, don’t forget about all the high-profile dramas currently airing on NBC, from the Chicago shows to the Law & Order franchise. 

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