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Mario Lopez Shows Off Seemingly Eternal Youth In Shirtless Gym Video For 48th Birthday

Mario Lopez on Saved by the Bell
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If the Eternal Fountain of Youth actually existed, I'd bet Mario Lopez would be one of the few to know its secrets. While beloved sitcom Saved by the Bell premiered a little over 30 years ago, Lopez still looks like A.C. Slater -- minus the iconic mullet. And now, the actor is showing off more of that ageless look in a new video he recently posted for his birthday.

It’s hard to believe that Mario Lopez is 48, yes, 48 years old. Two years shy of the big 5-0. And yet he still looks like he could win Bayside High another game against rival school Valley. The TV personality celebrated his special day by working out at the gym, and he gave his Instagram followers a present by posting a shirtless video:

Man, does he have some great genes! He may play a gym teacher on the revival series, but he still looks like he could kick a field goal and win a wrestling championship himself. In the past, many have likely seen just how youthful he looks. This was especially apparent in SBTB reunion sketch from The Tonight Show, which he performed with co-stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley and Dennis Haskins. While he was wearing a wig so he could bring back Slater’s signature ‘90s hairdo, it didn’t look like more than a few years had passed for him.

Of course, the fan-favorite star isn't the only one in Hollywood to seemingly be blessed with eternal youth. Paul Rudd has been praised for not aging a day since his time working on Friends and Clueless. Likewise, Will Smith still looks like the Fresh Prince. Is there something in the water celebrities are drinking or is it just a luck thing? Whatever it is, I want it. Though I’m sure I couldn’t pull it off nearly as well as they do. 

Saved by the Bell's legacy endures today, as does Mario Lopez's iconic character. Fans are now able to see the Slater's continuing adventures on the new Peacock series, which is currently gearing up for Season 2. There are plenty of references to the original series to be found in the first season. This even included a callback to the black leotard that the actor famously wore all those years ago. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we're glad to have this character back in our lives.

All jokes aside, the key to Mario Lopez's appearance is probably more simple than we think. Surely, he's just taking care of himself through exercise and a healthy diet. His video may even serve as a bit of a motivator for those looking to make a change. But if not, you can also sit back and check out the youthful-looking Lopez on the small screen by streaming both the original and rebooted Saved by the Bell series on Peacock now.

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