First Look At Mario Lopez's Colonel Sanders In Lifetime's KFC Mini-Movie (Which Is A Thing That Exists)

Few would argue that KFC has delivered some of the strangest and most unpredictable marketing campaigns in recent years, from its ever-evolving rotation of actors portraying spokesman Colonel Sanders to sending chicken into outer space to the dating simulator game released in 2019. So it's not too surprising that the fast food giant's latest marketing push offers up one of its most bonkers ideas yet: a romantic mini-movie on Lifetime, starring Saved by the Bell heartthrob Mario Lopez as the Colonel. What the what?

Somehow, everything above can be considered totally true to reality, as revealed by KFC's parent company Yum Brands. Mario Lopez will don the iconic mustache and a slightly new take on Colonel Sanders' outfit for the mini-movie A Recipe for Seduction, a 15-minute short film that is set to air later this month on Lifetime. Check out the first look at Lopez in the trailer above, and then again in the post below showcasing the promotional project's genre-aping poster.

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For those who want a slightly more concise explanation for what to expect from KFC and Lifetime's A Recipe for Seduction, here's a rundown of the basic plot:

As the holidays draw near, a young heiress contends with the affections of a suitor handpicked by her mother. When the handsome chef, Harland Sanders, arrives with his secret fried chicken recipe and a dream, he sets in motion a series of events that unravels the mother’s devious plans. Will our plucky heiress escape to her wintry happily ever after with Harland at her side, or will she cave to the demands of family and duty?

I hope she doesn't "bawk" at the chance to find happiness with Harland Sanders, as that would be "eggs-tremely" unfortunate. (Fans might recall Colonel Sanders' previous sudsy TV appearance for the soap opera General Hospital.) It's not only the heightened storyline that Lifetime and Yum Brands are using to draw audiences in, however. KFC also teamed up with Uber Eats to give fans a chance to score some extra grub. With the purchase of $20 or more, customers will receive six free extra crispy tenders, and that deal will be available from December 13-19. You'll have to order the chicken-smelling firelog separately, though.

Here's how Andrea Zahumensky, KFC's U.S. CMO, explained the promotion in a statement:

We're no stranger to heating things up for the holidays, just like our famous fried chicken scented Firelog. But let's face it, we could all use a little distraction this holiday season, so why not fill some of your time at home with a suspenseful drama and the comfort of our world-famous fried chicken? A Recipe for Seduction is a perfect excuse to curl up at home and escape to your own happily ever after.

I suspect many Lifetime viewers out there would live happily ever after if Mario Lopez's Colonel Sanders arrived to sweep them off their feet, while possibly also in possession of a bunch of fried chicken and a super-secret recipe that makes them unique. Considering Lopez is also starring in Lifetime's Christmas movie FelizNaviDAD, and is also in the spotlight again for Peacock's Saved by the Bell revival, he's a much better choice to take on the Colonel Sanders role than, say, RoboCop.

Get ready to see some hot and spicy action well before primetime, because A Recipe for Seduction will make its finger-lickin' debut on Lifetime on Sunday, December 13, at 12 p.m. ET/PT. While waiting to see that bonkers project come to life, head to our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule and our Winter and Spring 2021 premiere guide to see what new and returning shows will be popping up soon.

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