Miranda Cosgrove Shares Honest Thoughts On Her Viral F-Bomb Appreciation Moment

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Oh, to go back to the year 2007 when iCarly premiered, when there was no way of knowing just what kind of legacy the Nickelodeon show and actress Miranda Cosgrove would earn! It is now 2022, and iCarly has been revived with a more adult series that still packs in plenty of nostalgia. The Paramount+ series continues the stories of Carly, Freddie, and Spencer, and if fans needed any reminder that everybody is all grown up, Miranda Cosgrove went viral for saying the f-bomb, and now she’s speaking out about it. 

Recently, the iCarly star went viral on TikTok, courtesy of an interview she did back in 2020. The singer appeared on Whitney Cummings’ podcast Good For You, where she confessed to cussing a little bit. She then revealed that her favorite was the “Queen Mother of Dirty Words,” a.k.a. “fuck.” That little snippet led to TikTokers, including Lizzo, Joe Jonas, and Sophie Turner, to re-enact it.

Miranda Cosgrove recently, and finally, reacted to the viral moment. While speaking to People, Cosgrove shared her honest thoughts on it, just hoping she didn’t ruin anyone’s childhood:

I mean, I hope I didn't mess up anyone's childhood. … I think that's definitely what it is, but it was so random because I did that interview with my friend Whitney over a year ago. It's just so funny how the internet works. Like, you never know what's going to catch on or what's going to happen.

It actually wasn’t unusual to hear Miranda Cosgrove cursing since she and her costars now do it a decent amount in the iCarly revival. Cosgrove’s Drake & Josh costar Josh Peck was among those who took advantage of his on-screen sister’s viral moment. The actor made a re-enactment on TikTok, shouting out his “little sis,” and people loved it. 

With the two actors still very close and Peck even guest-starring on Season 2 of iCarly, there are clearly no hard feelings with the TikTok, and it was all in good fun for Peck. Though it’s still a little weird seeing my childhood favorites acting so different from how I saw them on the small screen when I was a kid.

Cursing is not the only more adult element that the iCarly revival includes that definitely wasn't part of the original series. The Paramount+ show also frequently shows the characters drinking and partying, as well as them in sexual situations, albeit more awkward than romantic. 

Times have certainly changed, and people have changed, so fans will just have to accept (and hopefully embrace) that Miranda Cosgrove isn't shy about showing that she has grown up from her Nickelodeon days. Besides, the original iCarly fans have grown up as well, so it's not like the target audience of the revival is kids!

Be sure to watch both the original iCarly and the new iCarly on Paramount+ with a subscription if you want to see your childhood flash before your eyes.

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