iCarly: 7 Major Questions We Hope Season 2 Will Answer

Carly in iCarly.

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When it was announced back in the end of 2020 that there would be an iCarly reboot, it seemed like the whole world collectively decided to get excited. While many of us could spend our time growing up watching awesome fantasy shows like Game of Thrones or even some of the Netflix original shows, why not have a return to one of our favorite shows from childhood?

The original iCarly began streaming on Netflix not that long ago, and now the first season of the reboot has come to an end. While we all anxiously wait for iCarly Season 2 to debut on Paramount+, most likely next year, here are some questions that we want answered when the revival returns.

Carly with Beau and Wes in iCarly.

Who The Heck Is Carly Going To Choose?

This is sort of the obvious question, but I’m pretty sure we’re all wondering who the heck Carly is going to choose when Season 2 starts up. At the end of Season 1, she was left with a big love decision after two guys proclaimed their love for her - go with the safe choice and pick Beau from her past, or continue into something new with Wes.

However, that decision is cut off by a helicopter coming to rescue the gang from the forest after a failed Webicon (a spoof of Fyre Fest). I’m sure that with this being the main cliffhanger of the season finale, we will probably get our answer to this question within the first couple of episodes of Season 2. Personally, I’m Team Wes, but at this point, I just want to know who Carly picks.

Harper and Double Dutch making out in iCarly.

Are Harper And Double Dutch Going To Become A Couple?

Something else that was hinted at throughout the second half of the first season are the romantic feelings that Harper and Double Dutch, the singer she styles, have for each other in iCarly. Those feelings are confirmed when they literally say they are going to turn off their feelings and remain professional, before making out.

While this is a great moment, altogether, of them giving in to how they feel, there are a lot of questions that arise from this singular moment. What’s going to happen to their professional relationship? Is Harper still going to be her stylist? Are they going to actually become a couple and risk their lives falling apart if they break-up? It’s definitely a lot more complicated than Carly just choosing between two men - and honestly, I’m here for it.

Maeve, Carly and Spencer in iCarly.

Will We See Maeve Again? And Will She Be With Spencer Once More?

One of the biggest bombs that was dropped this season was that Harper’s cousin, Maeve, wasn’t actually kidnapped and stored away for several years - she willingly “went missing” after her family started to have money troubles, and decided to reappear later on.

While this issue seemed to solve itself pretty quickly in one episode, there’s still the fact that she sort of just up and left in the penultimate episode of the first season of iCarly. While she was a recurring character from the moment she appeared on screen, having started a relationship with Carly’s brother, Spencer, they decide to end it not that long after when things start to become tense between the two, after they rushed into things. Then, she goes and leaves.

I mean, are we just going to think she went off and found herself a new place? She literally lived with Spencer because she had nowhere to go. And, we can see in the next episode that she didn’t go to Harper and Carly’s place - so where the heck is Maeve? Are she and Spencer ever going to get back together if she comes back? That would be a pretty big plot hole if she just up and disappeared like that. I have a feeling this isn’t the last that we’ve seen of her.

Freddie and Spencer in iCarly.

Will Freddie’s Start-Up Actually Work Out This Time Around?

One of the most surprising parts about the iCarly reboot was that Freddie was not only a dad, but someone who was divorced two times, and had a failed start-up - talk about having an eventful twenties. However, in the penultimate episode, Freddie gets another start-up idea to come up with an app that is basically an Airbnb for pets.

While the idea sounds great, as a pet lover, one can’t help but be worried for Freddie, considering his last start-up didn’t go so well. It seems that Millicent and Spencer are on Freddie’s side - with Spencer even willing to put money into the project now that he’s rich - but I’m still a bit worried. Let’s hope that in Season 2, Freddie finds the confidence within himself to put forth that app and the luck to have some success - maybe even find a new lady friend while doing it.

Freddie, Carly and Griffin on the iCarly set on iCarly.

Are We Going To See The Actual iCarly Show More?

Something I noticed a lot while watching the new iCarly show is that we rarely ever get to actually see Carly doing her web show. For someone who was famous when she was younger, stepped away for a long time, and decided to come back, it’s sort of surprising that she just jumped right back into the saddle and got offers, red carpet events, and even web awards.

But, what makes it even more confusing is that we rarely get to actually see the web show. We’ve seen new versions of the show maybe a couple of times throughout the first season, one of which wasn’t even really a show, but a promotion for a MLM scheme. As someone who grew up watching the original iCarly, that often had bits which showed off the web show, I really miss those comedic moments.

While I do enjoy watching Carly and her friends growing up and facing new issues, a part of me really wants to see Carly and her show more - that’s what we signed up for. I want to see her struggle with the new age of social media, and being a possible has been in a world that is dominated by hundreds of influencers now, and not just the fair few. Maybe we can see more of that in the next season, and I’m sure that if we did, it would add a surprising amount of depth to her character.

Millicent in iCarly.

Is Millicent Going To Get Her Puppy?

Okay, this is really just for fun, but Millicent deserves her puppy on iCarly, dang it. She has mentioned it several times, and all she got was a fish.

This girl is like a mini business woman. I’m telling you, she is going to end up being the backbone of Freddie’s new start-up. And, to think that he’s trying to create an app that’s basically all about dogs - the nerve of him not to get his daughter a puppy. She better get it soon.

Sam in the original iCarly.

Will We Ever See Sam Again?

This is more a hypothetical question than a real one, because we all know how Jennette McCurdy feels about acting and her time on the original iCarly. I respect the actress not wanting to return to something that really made her uncomfortable at the time. But, as a fan of the original, I can’t help but wonder “what if?”

We have gotten a couple of mentions of Sam throughout the first season, including Carly showing that she has an emotional attachment to a car because she and Sam bought it together. It would be legendary if Sam showed up in a cameo role or something way down the line, just for old times sake. If Jennette McCurdy doesn’t want to come back, I’ll settle for hearing about Sam’s escapades from Carly herself.

With so many amazing 2021 shows that have come out so far, I can’t wait to see iCarly continue after being such a big success on Paramount+.

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