Miranda Cosgrove On Reuniting With Drake And Josh Co-Star Josh Peck For iCarly Season 2

Josh Peck and Miranda Cosgrove on Drake and Josh
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Warning! Slight spoilers ahead for the Season 2 premiere of iCarly on Paramount+. 

Another wave of nostalgia is imminent when it comes to the Season 2 premiere for the iCarly revival on Paramount+. The series' first season was a hub for Nickelodeon alum reunions, with even more familiar faces from the original show popping up outside of the main cast, such as Jeremy Rowley's Lewbert and Ryan Ochoa's Chuck Chambers. Another long-awaited reconnection is happening later this season in the form of a Drake & Josh reunion, with Josh Peck set to guest star, and his former co-star Miranda Cosgrove is opening up about it.

Miranda Cosgrove, who initially portrayed mischievous Megan Parker on Drake & Josh before taking the lead on iCarly, shared with ET how she feels about reuniting with her other on-screen brother. The actress reflected on her long-term relationship with Peck, and how his arrival on iCarly was like a “full circle moment”:

It was so much fun getting to work with Josh again. When I first met him, I was eight years old, and it was for the last audition for the show Drake & Josh that I was on when I was little. He's just been such a big part of my life ever since I was a kid, so to get to grow up and have him play Carly's manager on iCarly and be in multiple episodes this season, it just kind of felt like a full-circle moment.

Cosgrove and Peck famously played step-siblings on Nickelodeon’s Drake & Josh from 2004-2008, and it was the last time the two were on-screen together in a meaningful way. (Peck did have a brief, blonde, and uncredited cameo during iCarly's first run in the episode "iReunite with Missy.") Peck is set to portray Carly’s manager Paul, and not much is known about his role or how it will come about, beyond the note that Paul will be aggressive. But with the Drake & Josh alums acting together again, it will be a real treat for OG fans no matter what happens.

In December 2021, Josh Peck shared his thoughts about reuniting with Miranda Cosgrove, saying that she’s a “good friend” of his. Even though the two only played siblings on-screen, it sounds like they share the same brain patterns, because Peck also talked about him guest starring on iCarly as being “very full circle.”

As someone who grew up on Drake & Josh and the original iCarly and is now watching the new series, I am more than excited to see Josh and Megan together again. It does make me wonder where Drake & Josh fits into the world of iCarly. As fans will probably recall, D&J fits canonically into the universes of both iCarly and Victorious, with Yvette Nicole Brown reprising her D&J role of Helen on Victorious.

Now that Peck is guest-starring on iCarly as a wholly new character, this only opens up more questions, such as: is Carly going to tell Paul how wild it is that he looks exactly like the step-brother of someone who looks exactly like her? Probably not.  Hopefully, he won’t be the only D&J alum to guest star, though perhaps we can get another iconic reference on iCarly if the other actors aren't available. (Not that anyone should expect Peck and Drake Bell to share the screen again.)

Speaking of, another reunion that likely won’t happen is a one between Carly and her best friend Sam. Jennette McCurdy previously opened up about not being on the series and what her time was like on Nickelodeon, admitting to being embarrassed about appearing on the network. Ahead of iCarly’s series premiere in 2021, Miranda Cosgrove revealed how she felt about her former co-star deciding against being on the series and gave her full support along with the rest of the cast. Plus, McCurdy is now busy promoting her uniquely titled memoir, which goes deeper into her acting past.

While waiting to learn more about Josh Peck's upcoming appearance, new episodes of iCarly drop on Fridays on Paramount+. Be sure to check out the best shows on the streamer in between episodes!

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