NBA Vet Carmelo Anthony Explains Why Now Is The Time For Him To Tell His Story Through New Docuseries

Carmelo Anthony on ALL THE SMOKE
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If you’re an NBA fan like myself, then you likely know that the professional basketball league has featured some unique personalities over the years. From the cerebral Bill Russell to the eclectic Dennis Rodman, there are plenty of memorable names who’ve competed. And a number of these athletes could headline their own sports docuseries. Now, such a project is being bestowed upon another star: Carmelo Anthony. And amid the announcement of the show, Anthony discussed why now is the time for him to tell his story. 

Carmelo Anthony will be the focus of a four-part docuseries that will provide insight into the future hall of famer’s storied professional and sometimes tumultuous personal life. The upcoming show, Seven, is being produced by the star’s own production company, Creative 7, as well as Westbrook Studios and Falkon Entertainment. Of course, the first thing fans are probably wondering is why the 38-year-old star is getting candid at this point. Well, as he said in a statement shared with Deadline, he’s done with others speaking on his behalf: 

The biggest question everyone is probably thinking is – why now? Why choose this moment to tell my story? The short of it is I’ve spent enough time letting other people speak for me. It’s time for my truth. I look forward to viewers finally having the opportunity to hear about my journey in my own words. Westbrook Studios, Falkon Entertainment and my team at Creative 7 have been immensely supportive of my vision for this project and I am proud that we have been able to make this series a reality.

It’s true that much has been said about the decorated ball player over the years. Nearly two decades ago, he was a major topic of discussion within the sports world after winning an NCAA championship with Syracuse before getting drafted by the Denver Nuggets at No. 3 later that year. Many of the 10-time all-star’s on-court performances have been lauded since then, though he’s also had a few personal struggles, including his cheating scandal with estranged wife Lala Anthony. I’m very interested in hearing Carmelo Anthony provide his perspective on the most significant moments in his life.

NBA fans certainly haven’t been left wanting when it comes to hard-hitting documentary series as of late. 2020 saw the release of ESPN’s Chicago Bulls-centric doc, The Last Dance (now streaming for Netflix subscribers), and Apple TV+’s Magic Johnson series, impacted by Michael Jordan’s, dropped a few months ago. And if that weren’t enough, Legacy: The True Story of the LA Lakers is currently airing for Hulu subscription holders. Should I mention that Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green even got his own documentary on Amazon earlier this year?

Based on the information that’s been announced thus far, one would assume that Seven will follow a formula that’s somewhat similar to They Call Magic’s. That show also had four installments and effectively tackled the different stages of the titular Laker legend’s life. While Magic did get into the finer points of its subject’s life, I’d expect Carmelo Anthony’s show to be a bit more raw. 

It’s currently unclear as to where Carmelo Anthony’s docuseries might land. Based on the recent trend, it could find its way to a streaming service, though it could land on a premium cable channel like Showtime (which has produced a plethora of basketball-related content). Regardless of where it airs though, fans of the small forward are sure to tune in to get a better understanding of his story. 

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