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Netflix's The Midnight Club: What We Know About Mike Flanagan's Horror Series So Far

The cover of Christopher Pike's novel The Midnight Club
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If you are as big a fan of Mike Flanagan movies and TV shows as I am, you probably already finished Midnight Mass on Netflix, followed by a marathon of his other Netflix TV shows (collectively called The Haunting Collection) or even a few (or all) of his horror movies in anticipation for his next project. Lucky for you, his return to television is coming soon with a new horror series called The Midnight Club, which has nothing to do with the story of Midnight Mass (in case you wondering), but does have a few behind-the-scenes connections to the recent hit. Read on to learn how they relate, along with everything else we know about the latest of Flanagan’s horror TV shows - starting with when we can expect to stream this new, terrifying tale.

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The Midnight Club Currently Has No Confirmed Netflix Premiere Date 

I hope that, with the last sentence of my introductory paragraph there, that I did not mislead you into thinking that I would have an answer as to when The Midnight Club will be available. In actuality, while we can confirm that the series is a Netflix exclusive, there is no word at the moment of when it will officially premiere on the streaming platform that The Haunting of Hill House from 2018 and 2020’s The Haunting Bly Manor also call home. 

What I might not anticipate seeing it appear anywhere on the 2021 fall TV schedule, it does seem more likely that it will be available to stream sometime in 2022. Reason being: principal photography for the show has already wrapped.

The beach from Midnight Mass

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The Midnight Club Started Filming March 2021 In Canada

While the filming of Midnight Mass (which took place in Vancouver, Canada, in 2020) was on hiatus due to the outbreak of Covid-19, it was announced that Mike Flanagan’s next project would be The Midnight Club, as Variety reported exclusively on May 5 of that year. According to Bloody Disgusting, Flanagan and company would return to the Great White North to film the new series. 

The cameras started to roll for the production in March 2021 and series star Aya Furukawa would reveal on her personal Instagram account (via Mike Flanagan Source on Twitter) that the final day of shooting was September 9, 2021. Now, in case you wondering, a Canadian filming location is, indeed, not the only thing that Midnight Mass and The Midnight Club have in common and I will explain why soon. First, let me tell you where the story of this new series originated.

Christopher Pike's name on the cover of is novel The Midnight Club

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Mike Flanagan Adapted The Midnight Club From A Christopher Pike Book

When Midnight Mass was first announced, rumors suggested it would be another installment of Mike Flanagan’s Haunting Collection before it was confirmed to be an entirely new story and not another loose book adaptation. However, The Midnight Club marks Flanagan's return to making literature into bone-chilling Netflix series, but his first try at a young adult novel. In fact, the upcoming show marks the first time since the 1996 TV movie Fall into Darkness that a Christopher Pike story received such treatment.

The Midnight Club is the 21st book by Christopher Pike, who is a hero of the young adult suspense novel trend of the late 20th century - during which R.L. Stine’s Fear Street books and iconic Goosebumps series also became great successes. Published in 1994, it focuses on a group of terminally ill teenagers who bond at the Rotterdam Home hospice by telling each other scary tales late at night. However, on one night, they agree that the first of their group to pass on must promise to contact them from beyond the grave and strange subsequent occurrences suggest that one of them kept their end of the bargain.  

Igby Rigney and Annarah Shephard in Midnight Mass

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Several Midnight Mass Cast Members Appear In The Midnight Club Cast

Obviously, Mike Flanagan’s upcoming adaptation of a classic novel by Christopher Pike will have no canonical ties to his recent limited series about strange occurrences happening to an island community’s local parish. However, the filmmaker did enlist some familiar faces from his Midnight Mass cast to return as part of the Midnight Club cast. 

Annarah Shephard and Igby Rigney, whose young Midnight Mass characters Leeza Scarborough and Warren Flynn, are series regulars in The Midnight Club. In recurring roles, we have Crystal Ballint (who played Cymone’s onscreen mother, Dolly), Zach Gilford (who played Rigney’s brother, Riley), Matt Biedel (who played Struge), Patricia Drake (who had a small role as Crockett Island native Joanie), and frequent Mike Flanagan collaborator Samantha Sloyan (who stole the show as the cold-hearted Beverly Keane). Robert Longstreet (another member of the Flanagan Family who played Joe Collie in Midnight Mass) is also credited as “Janitor” in one episode of The Midnight Club.

Heather Langenkamp as Nancy Thompson in A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Horror Movie Legend Heather Langenkamp Also Joins The Midnight Club Cast

There are also plenty of newcomers to the Flanagan Family in the Midnight Club cast, the most exciting of which has the honor being called one of the greatest Scream Queens in the history of horror movies. Heather Langenkamp is best known for playing Nancy Thompson in 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street - the supernatural slasher movie classic from writer and director Wes Craven that also stars Robert Englund as the grotesque boogeyman, Freddy Krueger. Mike Flanagan confirmed in a tweet that she was starring in the series as “an enigmatic doctor who runs the hospice” at which the titular young group stay.

Speaking of which, other young newcomers in the main Midnight Club cast include Shudder’s Creepshow Season 2 star Iman Benson, the aforementioned Aya Furukawa (who debuted in The Cabin in the Woods), William Chris Sumpter of Starz’s Power fame, and first-time actors Adia, Ruth Codd, and Sauriyan Sapkota. Fellow recurring actors include former The X-Files cast member William B. Davis and actress and model Larsen Thompson, who recently appeared in The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run performing her other passion: dancing.  

Mike Flanagan in Midnight Mass

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Creator Mike Flanagan Directs Two Episodes Of The Midnight Club

In addition to developing The Midnight Club into a new Netflix series and executive producing the show with his longtime partner Trevor Macy, Mike Flanagan is also returning to the director’s chair for a confirmed two episodes. In a tweet included in the same thread that revealed a good deal of the information above, the horror auteur gave a shoutout to the other filmmakers taking the reins for the remaining chapters. 

The Midnight Club’s additional helmers include Blumhouse’s Black Box director Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour and Axelle Carolyn, who directed episodes of The Haunting of Bly Manor, American Horror Story, Shudder’s Creepshow series, and a segment of the anthology horror movie Tales of Halloween. Viet Nguyen (director of several DC TV shows), Morgan Beggs (whose impressive career as a second unit director also includes Bly Manor), and Michael Fimognari (Mike Flanagan’s friend and longtime cinematographer) will also direct episodes.

Mike Flanagan's dive into the work of Christopher Pike will not stop at his Midnight Club series. The next of the acclaimed auteur's  will be an adaptation of the author's 1993 sci-fi novel The Season of Passage. From his top-notch Stephen King movies, his brilliant takes on Shirley Jackson and Henry James with The Haunting Collection, and now YA horror novels, Flanagan is looking to be the patron saint of scary literary adaptations.

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