One House Of The Dragon Star Is Already Interested In Joining Another Game Of Thrones Spinoff

steve toussaint as the sea snake on house of the dragon
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Whenever TV fans are thrust into a fantasy world like the one which made up the lore of HBO’s immensely popular Game of Thrones, we all know that there’s no one television series which can delve deeply into every aspect of it. And, even though lots of people will decry the final season of GOT until the sun burns out, many of those same people still adore that universe and want to see more of it on screen, which is why they will likely tune in to the first GOT spinoff to hit HBO since the parent show wrapped, the fast-approaching House of the Dragon, which is part of the 2022 TV schedule. But, HOTD star Steve Toussaint is already hoping to join yet another planned spinoff.

What Game Of Thrones Spinoff Does House Of The Dragon’s Steve Toussaint Want To Join?

With House of the Dragon (which George R.R. Martin loved) not even debuting for another two months at this point, it might seem a bit premature for Steve Toussaint to toss his hat into the theoretical ring that would have him also appearing on another Game of Thrones spinoff. But, Toussaint is banking on his work in HOTD as the famed Corlys Velaryon (leader of House Velaryon and the greatest seafarer known in the history of the Seven Kingdoms) sealing that potential deal for him, as there’s also a prequel spinoff in the works which will follow his character. 

As Toussaint told Entertainment Weekly about the proposed series, currently known as either Sea Snake or Nine Voyages:

When I heard about that, I was very happy. It won't be me. It'll be some younger, prettier guy playing it. If I'm lucky, I might say to them, 'Let me just be at the beginning [of the show] sitting with a book saying, 'Let me talk about my life.' That'll be me petitioning. But no, all you can hope for is that what I do is good enough and vivid enough and interesting enough for people to want to know, how did that person get there? And then that show, whatever that is, whenever that happens, it has a life of its own for whoever the lucky guy is that plays it.

This wouldn’t be the worst idea, right? As Toussaint noted, we haven’t really seen what he’s going to do with his role as the legendary Corlys (who, as you might have guessed by now, is also widely known as the Sea Snake, which was also the name of the character’s most famous ship), but it does appear that HBO is expecting there to be quite a grand reaction to the man. 

Currently, there are four other Game of Thrones spinoffs in some stage of development at HBO/HBO Max (a fifth appears to have been cancelled after House of the Dragon was already in production), with Sea Snake/Nine Voyages said to be the spinoff that was the furthest along by March of 2021. Gotham’s Bruno Heller is still working out the details on the Corlys Velaryon series, but it will reportedly be another prequel that explores the “nine voyages” he took to various lands in Essos, which made him and his house incredibly wealthy and set Corlys up to be second in power only to the king, which is how we meet him in House of the Dragon.

Hopefully, HBO and Steve Toussaint get their wish, and fans do love his Sea Snake so much that we can’t wait to see his thrilling backstory in the character’s own series, leading to at least a cameo on the possible show from the first man to bring this celebrated GOT character to life. Until the fate of Sea Snake/Nine Voyages is decided, we can look forward to watching Steve Toussaint’s Corlys on House of the Dragon, which debuts on August 21 at 9 p.m. and can be streamed later with an HBO Max subscription.

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