One Yellowstone Actor Is Apparently Making An Unexpected Return In Season 5

Throughout Yellowstone's fourth season, John and Beth Dutton's relationship took a pummeling as they recovered from the attacks set in motion by Jamie's scheming bastard of a biological father. Their rift wasn't caused by any one specific event, but rather an amalgamation, though it's safe to say that Piper Perabo's outspoken activist Summer Higgins was one of the reasons, given her fast-moving kinship with Kevin Costner's patriarch. It seemed like Beth had found a way to take Summer out of the picture altogether, with the latter's arrest and sentencing in the finale making it appear as if Perabo might not be around in the now-confirmed Season 5. But appearances can be deceiving.

As far as we’re currently aware, Summer is indeed still going to prison for a while in the aftermath of the airport construction protest in which she assaulted an officer, at least as far as the law is concerned. But Piper Perabo makes it sound like Summer will quickly get back to heating things up with John when the super-sized new season arrives later in 2022. Here’s how she put it to EW:

The love story is kicking into gear on Yellowstone. I know a lot of people watch it for the cowboys and the ranch, but I watch it for the love story. We're turning up the heat. It's been a hard couple of years, let's turn up the heat for a minute.

To be sure, neither Yellowstone’s storyline nor its cast and crew have indicated that Piper Perabo wouldn’t be back for Season 5. But it’s not outlandish to think Summer might not return, since her story wrapped up well enough (unfortunately for the character herself). Though their bond certainly developed, it’s not as if she and John were shown to be madly in love with one another, so her absence wouldn’t be so groundbreaking, I’d imagine. As well, Perabo wasn’t part of the confirmed cast members set to return

Of course, everyone confirmed fell into the “series regulars” bracket, while other recurring actors such as Jacki Weaver and certain members of the bunkhouse posse also weren’t named, but are still expected to be part of the fun when Season 5 arrives. It’s just that none of those actors’ characters were being shipped off to the big house.

In any case, it sounds like John’s prior injuries won’t be getting in the way of his bedroom antics. Maybe having Finn Little’s Carter around will put John more in a youthful and fatherly headspace, making him feel more comfortable with taking part in a so-called “love story” with Summer. He’s not the kinda dude that’s usually cut out for such emotional openness, but maybe he’s starting to come around. 

We still have lots of questions after Season 4, and now one of them will be “How will Summer return to John’s life?” And then another would be “How long until she and Beth are using each other as punching bags?”

While we wait to hear more updates about Season 5, fans can rewatch all four seasons of Yellowstone on Peacock, with Season 4 hitting that service on Monday, March 28. And check out all the other shows hitting the small screen soon with our 2022 TV premiere schedule

Nick Venable
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