Yellowstone Renewed For Season 5 (Finally), And There's More Good News

For Yellowstone fans paying close enough attention to the show's unstoppable rise in popularity and viewership totals, the eventuality of Paramount Network renewing the western drama for Season 5 was a no-brainer. No TV exec in their right mind would ever move to cancel a cable-made series pulling broadcast network numbers, and the good news was at last confirmed by the network, which also confirmed previously reported production plans, and a couple of unexpected surprises. 

Yellowstone Season 5 Is Officially Happening, But When?

Confirming millions of viewers' Y-branded hopes and dreams, Paramount Network announced that Season 5 of Yellowstone is definitely coming. Interestingly, the announcement didn't note it as being a 2022 premiere, keeping the premiere window wide open. Probably smart, given the flood of anticipatory reactions once Season 4's debut was pushed back to the fall following three years of summer premieres. In any case, it's also confirmed that production will kick off once again in May.

While one might expect for Paramount Network to have handed down a multi-season order to co-creator Taylor Sheridan & Co. to cement Yellowstone's future through and beyond whatever might air in 2022 and 2023, the western drama only landed the one-season renewal for now. But we can probably still expect more beyond that, given how things are expanding in this fictional universe.

Jimmy and Emily on ranch fence on Yellowstone

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Good News #1: Jefferson White And Kathryn Kelly Are Returning As Series Regulars

This might not seem like the most left-field reveal to come out of Paramount Network's renewal news, but given the impending existence of the 6666 spinoff that was presumably meant to be built somewhat around Jefferson White's evolved cowboy Jimmy and his wife-to-be Emily (as played by Kathryn Kelly), it was unclear if either of those characters would be involved with Yellowstone proper by the time Season 5 rolled around. 

The current-timeline spinoff, not to be confused with the numerically titled standalone prequel 1883, is in the midst of filming, and it's safe to assume it will debut on Paramount+ at some point in the summer or early fall. While the Season 4 finale felt like something of a sendoff for Jimmy — especially given Lloyd's tear-filled reactions — it's a surprise relief to learn that White and Kelly will still be part of the flagship series. Even if it doesn't necessarily confirm that the characters are returning to Montana.

Teeter in the bunkhouse on Yellowstone

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Jen Landon Has Been Promoted To Series Regular

Can I get everybody to holler out "More Teeter" as loudly as possible? [Waits and listens.] Hell yeah, we're getting more Teeter! Going into Yellowstone Season 5, star Jen Landon earned a promotion to now join the ensemble of series regulars, meaning we're going to get as much Teeter-driven drama and raunchy A+ dialogue as we can handle. 

If Taylor Sheridan is looking to create another number-friendly spinoff, here's my idea: 16 Teeters, where Teeter meets 15 of her long-lost identical siblings who are all also named Teeter. Congratulations, Jen Landon!

So breathe easy, or at least easier than anyone in the Dutton family right now, because Yellowstone is 100% coming back to Paramount Network for Season 5. While waiting to hear more details, check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what exciting shows are on the way, and factor a Paramount+ subscription into your future to stay current with Sheridan's 1883be more like Kelly Reilly, won't you? — and the previously renewed The Mayor of Kingstown

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