Outlander's Sam Heughan Confirms Ladies Slide Into His DMs, Including Tom Hanks’ Wife

It’s pretty common for popular TV shows to have extremely dedicated fans, and for those fans to reach out to anyone who makes their favorite series a reality whenever possible. If you’re unaware, the Starz romantic drama, Outlander, is one of many hit shows with a nearly obsessed fandom whose stars are also active on social media, and sometimes the fans are just as famous as the actors. Series star Sam Heughan recently confirmed that women do, in fact, slide into his DMs, including fellow actor Rita Wilson, who’s also known as Tom Hanks’ wife.

Why Did Rita Wilson Slide Into The DMs Of Outlander's Sam Heughan?

The attention to Outlander (which finally returned as part of the 2022 TV schedule) has led to troubling things like star Sam Heughan being bullied, with both he and Caitríona Balfe having to speak out about the persistent rumor that the Outlander co-stars are dating. But, it’s also led to lots of fun fan interactions and artistic tributes, so it’s been far from all bad. In a recent interview with Variety, star Sam Heughan was asked if any celebrities had slipped into his DMs to talk about their love of Outlander, and he answered:

Rita Wilson, I think, was pretty good! Yeah, I met her on a show. I think [Outlander] has been very much a word-of-mouth thing, people do talk about it. It’s great, how popular it is—especially in America, it seems to be possibly more popular than other places.

I mean, I don’t think anyone who’s watched Heughan love, struggle, sacrifice, and fight as Jamie Fraser on Outlander can begrudge Wilson a DM or two. And, we know that Wilson adores Outlander like many of us do, because Heughan is correct that he met her on a talk show, where she spoke about her admiration of the historical romance. 

In April of 2016, right before Outlander Season 2 debuted, Wilson and Heughan appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and she adorably opened up about how much she (and her friends) love the drama:

Awwww! Did you see how giggly Wilson got when things accidentally took a slightly naughty turn? I love it! If anything, she may have sent everyone’s favorite Scottish warrior turned colonist a DM sometime after this meeting just to reiterate that she appreciates his work on the hit (which I’m sure includes Outlander’s sexiest romantic moments), and isn’t simply filled with joyful thirst for the actor.

Though, again, no one could blame Rita Wilson if she does have some thirsty feelings for Sam Heughan. Have you seen the man’s Instagram? Sure, there are posts like Outlander behind the scenes pictures and updates for people about his whisky and tequila brands, but it’s also filled with a number of shirtless workout photos, and incredible shots of Heughan looking like our brand new James Bond, so she is far from alone when it comes to fan response to the star. Thankfully, it sounds like the interaction between Sam Heughan and Rita Wilson was another positive fan moment for the Outlander actor. 

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