Another Day, Another Shirtless Thirst Trap From Outlander's Sam Heughan (Is He Fit Enough For 007 Yet?)

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Guys? I don't know if you know this, but Sam Heughan (you know, the one who plays the tough but very loving Jamie Fraser on Outlander) kinda likes to workout...a lot. And, while his long-standing gig on that romantic Starz hit does call for some half-dressed sexytimes and a goodly amount of on-screen fighting which would call for at least a bit of interest in exercising, Heughan appears to enjoy his sweat sessions in ways many of us simply do not. Because of that, Heughan's become one of our shirtless thirst trap kings, and now he's given us another one that makes us wonder if this is when he's finally fit enough for 007.

It's pretty clear from watching Outlander that Sam Heughan doesn't seem to have any significant issues when it comes to doffing his duds and bringing viewers a desirable state of undress. That certainly carries over from the time-traveling drama into real life, as Heughan has been known to show off shirtless workout posts on his Instagram on a number of occasions. Let's take a look at his most recent one, so we can discuss the implications, below:

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Well, well, well. Hello there, Mr. Heughan. Nice to much of you, again. Ahem. OK, OK. We can all tell that fan favorite Sam Heughan loves to show off his fit physique to fans, but I bet he does this so often because he knows it will get people interested in how he makes all those muscles pop. That will lead at least some folks to the charity he's run for several years, My Peak Challenge, which hopes to help participants become more mentally and physically healthy while also raising money for a number of good causes.

Of course, as noted earlier, Heughan's passion for fitness is probably also partly practical. Along with all of the fight scenes and some of the sexiest romantic moments he's filmed for Outlander, the actor has also made several action movies, meaning that even though all of those muscles look nice (I mean, if you're into that kind of thing...) they also serve a purpose and probably help him be better prepared to tackle any number of big-budget stunts.

Speaking of those big-budget stunts...The man worked out, really hard it looks like, on his damn vacation. Can someone in charge revisit the James Bond / 007 conversation with him, please? Look, we love him as Jamie on Outlander, and definitely don't want to lose that any time soon (especially with the show already renewed for Season 7 when Season 6 won't air until early in 2022), but do you see this exercise set-up? It looks like he's working out with concrete blocks he poured himself, after creating this little workout oasis in the jungle, Professor-on-Gilligan's-Island style. That's dedication, friends.

Sam Heughan has made it pretty clear that he feels like now would be a good time for him to become our Big Bad-fighting, martini-swilling hero, even though the list of potentials has become quite long. And, I think most Outlander fans would agree that the thirst trap happy actor has what it takes to lead the next set of films, as long as James can play nicely with Jamie and not cause any more undue extensions to future Droughtlander breaks.

Outlander Season 6 will return to Starz with Sam Heughan's defined musculature at some point in early 2022. In the meantime, see what else you can watch with our 2021 fall TV schedule!

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