Outlander's Sam Heughan Updates Fans On 'Huge' Season 7, But When Will This Droughtlander Be Over Already?

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It’s now been a little over six months since the Outlander Season 6 ending on Starz delivered yet another explosive and emotionally devastating finale. Though fans know we’ll be treated to a much longer Season 7, it’s nice to have some new information to help tide us over until we can actually see something from the upcoming episodes with our own eyes. Now, star Sam Heughan has updated fans on the “huge” next season, and I’m sure everyone will want to know when this Droughtlander will finally be over.

What Did Sam Heughan Say About Outlander Season 7?

Jamie Fraser’s portrayer has already done a lot to tease fans on what will be coming up in the highly anticipated season of one of television’s sexiest shows. We know that the action is set to pick up very soon after the events of the previous season, but the actor recently added to our anticipation by talking to The Scotsman about just how massive the season is set to be, saying:

It’s Outlander XL, 16 episodes...It’s huge. Claire is in prison, Jamie is seeking to rescue her and we’re dealing with a war of independence in America. It really is action packed and it’s going really well.

Even though the romantic drama is now filming the most episodes it's gotten since Season 1, it definitely sounds like they will have tons to pack into each one. As fans will likely recall, the Frasers were, once again, in deep trouble by the end of Season 6. Claire was arrested for the murder of pregnant Malva Christie (by Richard Brown and his men, no less), separated from Jamie while on the road, and imprisoned in Wilmington. On top of that, Malva’s real killer is still at large, and the American Revolution is fully upon us, which will bring more complications, even if Jamie, Young Ian, and their allies do manage to rescue Claire.

When Will Outlander Season 7 Debut?

I have a quick and easy answer to this question for everyone who’s eager to see this Droughtlander end, but, unfortunately, it’s not really one that fans will want to hear. While the historical fantasy began filming again back in April 2022, we still have no clue when it might return to the small screen with new episodes.

Seeing as how this is an “XL” installment, production will take longer than usual, with filming actively expected to last for a full year. In addition, there will need to be roughly two to six months of post-production, but because of the longer season, that could take extra time.

We do have some good news about filming, at least. In mid-September, Heughan offered another update on Twitter, and told fans that principal photography was half way done. If they have another six months to go from that date, they might be done by mid-March 2023, meaning that it’s possible we could see the new episodes begin airing by late 2023. 

There are sure to be many more teases and updates about Season 7 as the weeks go on, but if you need something to fill your time, be sure to check out some shows like Outlander you can watch right now, after you revisit previous episodes of Outlander streaming.

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