Pamela Anderson Said She Doesn't Want To Disrupt Tommy Lee's Marriage, But Her Text Messages Allegedly Tell A Different Story


Being back in the glow of entertainment spotlights has given the positivity-vibing Pamela Anderson new platforms to share stories from her sometimes controversial life and career. She’s been open and candid about many subjects, from accusations against Tim Allen to opening up about her breast implants/reductions to her long-held respect for the late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. She’s also wistfully addressed her past relationship with Tommy Lee, saying she hasn’t wanted to butt into his latest relationship. But a series of text messages she allegedly sent him have sparked rumors that say otherwise. 

Ahead of the release of the Netflix documentary Pamela, a Love Story, Pamela Anderson reportedly sent various text messages to Tommy Lee that reflected on their time together, with all of those memories having been stirred up by filming the doc and writing her memoir Love, Pamela. According to TMZ, she referred to him still being her “one true love,” speaking highly of their experiences while calling out the paparazzi for the damage caused. It’s said that, to date, Lee has not responded to the texts, and there are two schools of thought on what Anderson’s intentions were when sending them.

The more innocent and less problematic version, according to one source, is that the Baywatch vet merely wanted to share her appreciation with Tommy Lee for their shared past, which clearly still means a lot to her. And that despite the frank language used, she wasn’t interested in causing any strife with the drummer and his current wife Brittany Furlan.

But that may be the opposite of the truth according to other sources, who claim that Pamela Anderson isn’t being so honest during interviews when saying she is only respectful of their marriage. Rather, it’s alleged that both Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan suspect that the Barb Wire star indeed intends to try and rekindle their romantic relationship.

The texts alluded to above apparently aren’t the only ones that have been passed along, as it’s reported Anderson has texted Lee often following his engagement with Furlan, from sharing the belief that they’ll be together again when they’re old to other messages about still loving him. As well, she allegedly has apologized for how she handled things in the past. If all of that is indeed legit, suspicions about her motives would seemingly be all the more justifiable.

Anderson’s messages have all gone unanswered, it’s said, out of Lee’s respect for his current significant other. It’s worth noting that, earlier in February, Brittany Furlan posted a video on TikTok where she (using the filter “‘90s Pam Makeup”) acted out a situation in which she, as Pam, learned of Furlan’s death, reacting in the most blasé way possible. She quickly took the post down, however, fearing her joke would be misinterpreted by fans and followers who are obsessed with Anderson and Lee getting back together.

Pamela Anderson has received a lot of comments and attention for her and Lee’s sons being a big part of the documentary process and working with director Ryan White. (Britney Spears shared some praise of her own before pulling it.) So she and her famed ex will always have big and important connections forever tying them together, but it’d probably work just fine for Brittany Furlan if the buck (and text messages) stopped there. 

Nick Venable
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