Piers Morgan And More React To South Park Episode Parodying Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Debacle

With the first episode of its wildly iconic 26th season, Comedy Central’s stalwart rabble rouser South Park once again took aim at past celeb target Kanye West for his oft-voiced anti-Semitic views. Unsurprisingly, the gloves remained on for the episode’s second installment, “The World-Wide Privacy Tour,” which brutally skewered the media circus that has followed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, particularly everything surrounding the release of the former’s memoir Spare. And the episode expectedly sparked some responses online, with UK TV host and royal couple critic Piers Morgan adding his voice to that chorus.

Morgan, whose past comments about Meghan Markle influenced his exit from Good Morning Britain in 2021, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on how Trey Parker and Matt Stone handled its satire. (Which also featured the talk show Good Morning, Canada.) And surprise, surprise, the journo approved.

To go ahead and note it here, South Park wisely and cleverly took aim at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle without referring to them by name — they were the Prince and Princess of Canada — and largely kept its target focused on the perceived hypocrisy of the couple using part of their widespread media tour to complain about media coverage. As opposed to stepping into murkier waters by tapping into mental health claims/judgments that would stray away from satire to become something more purely malicious. That's that kind of thing that's landed Piers Morgan (and Jeremy Clarkson) in complaint-filled hot water before. 

The episode obviously also benefited from the surplus of bonkers facts and references to genitalia that came out of the press touring, everything surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, and the text from Harry’s Spare. (A whole episode could have been dedicated just to his frostbitten penis, no?) To the point where Parker and Stone even paid homage to the large candle that funeral viewers specifically speculated about, suspecting that Meghan Markle was intentionally seated where the candle would block her from view.

True to form, South Park filled much of its Harry and Meghan screentime with fun references and gags that could warrant a second or third viewing.

Admittedly less opaque, but no less hilarious, was the use of CumHammer Brand Management, with its arbitrary hammer as part of the logo. Just goes to show that South Park can always find ways to mirror celeb scandals through its own characters, even when the celebs aren't directly involved. 

But when they are directly involved, Trey Parker and Matt Stone will often go the extra mile to take the comedy to absurd heights, such as the song crafted for this ep. 

To be sure, there are many other gleeful opinions that have been shared online about South Park and its Canadian royals storyline, and certainly some that skew harsh and overtly negative. But those are less celebratory and fun, so let's end things here with another splendid visual gag perfectly calling out the "who's copying who?" fashion debate among fans and followers of Markle and Kate Middleton.

South Park airs Wednesday nights on Comedy Central, and has kicked off Season 26 with a pair of smart and sharp eps that hopefully speak to what's coming in the weeks ahead. I know I'm holding out hope to see Megan Fox and MGK's love story showing up in some capacity.

And don't forget to check out our updated list of the best South Park episodes for a great trip down memory lane. 

Nick Venable
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