Real Housewives Of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice Responds To Claims That Fiancé Louie Ruelas Is Using Her To Be On TV

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As was seen on the last season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice has found a new man. His name is Luis “Louie” Ruelas, a businessman who Giudice dated for just over a year before they got engaged last month. However, some fans have made the suggestion that her fiancé is only using her to be on TV. And someone call Jackie Goldschneider, because Giudice has heard the speculative rumors and seems pretty upset.

The theory that he is using the Real Housewives star for screen time is, for the most part, coming from a genuine place of concern. Not only has their relationship been relatively short prior to getting engaged but Teresa Giudice only just got out of her 20-year marriage to Joe Giudice last year. (Which was a mess in and of itself, given how she was implicated in his fraud crimes and they were both sent to prison as a result.) Still, the New Jersey star believes the suggestions about her new fiancé are malicious and unwarranted. She responded to the claims to Entertainment Tonight, saying:

I say like, 'Please mind your business.’ You should want someone to be happy, because if you want someone else to be happy, then happiness comes to you. I'm about that. I'm not about ever hurting someone or tearing them down or anything like that. And listen, I know people make all these judgments and say all these things on social media regarding him. Like he wants to be on TV. He so does not want to be on TV. It's so not his thing. If anything, he's supporting me, but it's really not his thing. And the craziest things that they say, like he planned to meet me that day. No, he didn't even know who I was, and he's never been at the Jersey Shore, that was his first time. And it's crazy.

It is, in fact, likely that Louie Ruelas has good intentions with his future wife. He's not exactly going to achieve the higher echelons of fame and fortune by being a storyline on the Bravo network. What's more is that despite casually dating the star for months last year while the Real Housewives of New Jersey was filming, he only had one brief appearance at the end. This will surely change, though, in the upcoming ­twelfth season, seeing as how close they've really gotten. And his soon-to-be-wifey has a clear warning for his naysayers:

I wish people would just leave us alone. Anybody that's negative, just please leave us alone. Because first of all, they're never going to destroy our happiness, just leave it at that. It's never going to happen. And I'm a very strong, strong individual. If everyone doesn't know that, I am. And if they knock me down, I'll get right back up.

While we all wait to see Teresa Giudice’s new love unfold on the RHONJ – hopefully sans pineapples – her stint on the franchise crossover is already a reality. The first three episodes of the Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip have already dropped on Peacock, with new episodes streaming every upcoming Thursday on the platform. They should be enough to tide fans over before we get a better look at Giudice's love life.

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