Rock Star Husband Of Danny Masterson Accuser Makes Stalking Claim Against The Church Of Scientology While Testifying

Danny Masterson on That '70s Show
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The second week of Danny Masterson’s rape trial in Los Angeles concluded on Friday, and there were a number of notable developments over the past few days. Week 2 opened with a surprising testimony and (another) request for a mistrial from the actor’s legal team. Additional testimonies were also heard on Friday, and one of them came from a noted rock star. The Mars Volta lead singer Cedric Zavala took the stand to testify, as his wife is one of several women who’ve claimed that they were sexually assaulted by Masterson during the 2000s. And while giving his account, Zavala claimed that he and his family are being stalked by the Church of Scientology, which he and his spouse once belonged to. 

Cedric Zavala specifically alleged that he, his wife, (who’s only been referred to as “Jane Doe 3”) and her family have been stalked by the church for the past six years. According to Insider, Zavala also started his testimony by confirming that he did recognize Danny Masterson (who still belongs to the church) while in the courtroom. Zavala, who married his wife in 2008, also stated that during conversations that they had at their home between 2010 and 2011, she disclosed the purported incident with Masterson, who was formally charged with rape in 2020.

Per the singer, his spouse hesitated when it came to discussing the alleged situation and, once she did, she felt “seemed angry, embarrassed, and relieved.” The rocker also said that he was “angry and furious” after the conversation. When discussing his wife’s initial demeanor during the discussions, he said: 

It seemed like she was controlled by a remote. It seemed like she was holding back, she seemed afraid.

Stalking has been brought up in this case before. In 2019, Cedric Zavala’s wife and three other accusers sued Danny Masterson and the Church of Scientology. The plaintiffs claimed that they were followed by agents of the church (which had other cases playing out in court) after coming forward with their sexual assault claims against the That ‘70s Show alum. One accuser, Chrissie Bixler, specifically asserted that she was chased in her car, had her security system disabled and was harassed online among other things.

Though this case isn’t centered around Scientology, the controversial religion has played a major role in the legal proceedings. Presiding judge Charlaine Olmedo made it clear from the jump that she did not want the church to inundate the case. It was for that reason that she was displeased with the opening statements made by the prosecution and the defense. 

Danny Masterson’s rape trial is set to continue this coming Monday. The case will continue to welcome a number of other testimonies, and Cedric Zavala may not be the only high-profile witness. Ex-scientologist Lisa Marie Presley could also take the stand. The trial is set to conclude on November 19.

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