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Rumors Are Going Around That WWE May Keep A Big Name Off WrestleMania, And I'm So Confused

Alexa Bliss in the WWE
(Image credit: WWE)

WrestleMania 38 is just around the corner for the WWE, and there’s a lot of chatter about what’s going to happen during the company’s biggest show of the year. We’ve heard rumors that some major match is planned, Cody Rhodes will return to WWE, and even that Vince McMahon is planning a match with Pat McAfee. All of those rumors are wild, but not quite as wild as this latest one that claims a major superstar is allegedly not involved in the two-day event. The current word is Alexa Bliss doesn’t have anything planned for WrestleMania, and I’m so confused. 

According to a recent report, the WWE does not have anything planned for Alexa Bliss until after WrestleMania 38. PWInsider reported the news, and at a time when it seems like the WWE is still working on potential matches to fill out a two-night PPV, one of its biggest available women’s superstars is reportedly not attached. 

The report, assuming it’s true, is quite baffling. Alexa Bliss isn’t just one of the top women working in the WWE presently, but the organization just spent weeks repackaging her character and running segments of her therapy sessions on Monday Night Raw. Bliss made a return to action at WWE’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view and had a strong showing in her match. 

Since then, however, she’s been off of television and even missed out on making an appearance in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio, when the WWE was there. Bliss made a post on Twitter around that time that seemed to indicate she was just as confused as everyone else.

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Alexa Bliss is just one major player in the WWE’s stacked women’s division, and to be completely fair, not the only deserving wrestler currently out of the WrestleMania spotlight. Bayley is also reportedly scheduled to make a return after WrestleMania, after recovering from an ACL injury. Asuka is another big name that hasn’t been around as of late and was recovering from shoulder surgery. 

Alexa Bliss did step away from the WWE last year, but given that she’s performed in the ring as recently as a couple of weeks ago, it seems safe to assume she’s available to compete. Unfortunately, it seems the WWE is really intent on hyping up Charlotte Flair’s match with Ronda Rousey, as well as Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair’s major title matches. Both of those are worthy matches on their own, but with such talent waiting in the wings, it would be surprising if the WWE isn’t trying to find more for its most talented women stars to do. It’s disappointing to think we may have to wait another year to see Bliss get another big run in the WWE, assuming that’s the plan. 

WrestleMania 38 streams on Peacock on Saturday, April 2, and Sunday, April 3. The coming weeks should provide more details on whether there’s a place for Alexa Bliss at the show or not, but until then, fans can check out her best matches with a Peacock premium subscription

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